Video Montage – Obama: “I Learned About It From The News”


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At Monday’s White House press briefing, spokesman Jay Carney revealed that President Obama and Secretary Shinseki first learned of the scandal of incompetence and corruption at the VA through media reports. 

If this sounds like “deja vu all over again,” don’t worry, you’re not having a Yogi Berra moment. This has been the White House’s explanation of how the president learned about most of the scandals they’ve had to respond to over the past few years.  

According to the White House, President Obama was not informed by any of his advisors and, according to Carney, learned about  the following scandals from watching TV:  

  • Fast & Furious gun running scandal
  • IRS intimidation of conservative groups
  • DOJ wire tapping of AP reporters
  • DOJ wire tapping of Fox News’ James Rosen
  • Air Force One used for photo-op in lower Manhattan

Washington Free Beacon has compiled a brilliant video montage featuring these hard-to-believe explanations of how the president learns about fundamental mismanagement within his own administration. Last year when the IRS scandal first came to light and Carney claimed the president only learned about it from watching news reports,Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart lampooned Obama’s aloofness and lack of engagement. He summed up his segment by claiming, “I think the White House is going to start reading their emails now.”

Apparently not. 

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