What an amazing year it has been here at CVP! 2014 is the year that we launched our site! We had many highlights and were busy working hard during the mid-term elections to try and get our voices heard! Conservatives certainly did send a message to Washington! Now we must make sure that the people we elected will stay true to their election promises and conservative principles! We have a lot of work to do in the coming year. I know that each of us will be relentless in making sure that our liberty stays intact! Have a safe and blessed 2015! Thank you for being part of CVP! Visit our Facebook page to see the photos that we took with Allen West, Bo Snerdley, Jenny Beth Martin and Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory!

Frankie Straus
Frankie Straus
Bobby Straus

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We, like millions of Americans across this country, believe in the founding principles and Judeo-Christian moral foundation upon which this country was built. With those principles and values under increasing attack by the liberal, progressive agenda, we are compelled to join the fight to return our country back to its founding – back to we the people. Our mission is to ensure that the voices of Americans dedicated to this cause are heard and the greatest governing document in human history is once again adhered to.