The Tea Party Is Not Going Anywhere


Gun Rally in 4th Parade

While the Republican Establishment and mainstream media are hell-bent on demonizing and marginalizing the Tea Party, or put another way, We The People, they cannot silence us. In fact, support for the Tea Party is growing and its leaders are forcing the Ruling Class politicians into discussing the critical issues our country is facing. Ted Cruz pushes the debate on the national debt and stopping Obamacare. Mike Lee provides ideas to improve our educational system other than Common Core. Rand Paul has stressed the importance of following our Constitution. Thanks to the Tea Party, We The People finally have a major voice in the political debate. We are chipping away at the control and power the Ruling Class politicians and mainstream media have enjoyed for far too long and they know it. So what do they do? They repeat over and over again that the Tea Party is nothing more than a radical, fringe political group in the hopes that the electorate will believe them and we will fade away. News Flash – the Tea Party is going to continue to grow and We The People aren’t going anywhere.  ♦ Read More

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We, like millions of Americans across this country, believe in the founding principles and Judeo-Christian moral foundation upon which this country was built. With those principles and values under increasing attack by the liberal, progressive agenda, we are compelled to join the fight to return our country back to its founding – back to we the people. Our mission is to ensure that the voices of Americans dedicated to this cause are heard and the greatest governing document in human history is once again adhered to.