Shapiro Asks To Call On Washington To Stop Funding Terror


Truth Revolt The pro-Israel community is often united by tragedy. When five members of the Fogel family, including a three-month-old child, were slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists in 2011, the Jewish community mourned. Candlelight vigils dotted the landscape. 20,000 people turned out for the funerals.

And nothing happened.

Because three years later, the White House continues to fund the Palestinian Authority unity government, which includes Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Three years later, Israel is castigated by the left-wing, Palestinian-supporting media for taking action against terror groups. And three years later, the world community continues to isolate Israel and pressure her to concede to her terrorist enemies.

Now three more Jewish kids are dead, including an American citizen.

And we hear the calls for more candlelight vigils, more shows of unity. We see thousands of Jews and allies gathering internationally to memorialize these three slain teens. We see community leaders expressing sympathy.

And nothing will happen.

Unless we make it happen. The United States must end its support for the Palestinian Authority. It must stop making excuses for the Palestinians’ desire to slaughter Jews wholesale and wipe Israel from the map. It must cease incentivizing the death of Jews, both American and Israeli.

Please tweet with #StopFundingTerror. Please contact the White House and tell them that their support for the Palestinian Authority is unacceptable. Do anything and everything possible to end American taxpayer dollars funding the Palestinian government.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, one of the most renowned sages in the Jewish community and the dean of the high school these boys attended, was told about their murders yesterday. ” “People will light memorial candles, recite prayers, and attend vigils,” he stated, according to the Algemeiner. “Our boys were killed al Kiddush Hashem, because they were Jews.

“Therefore, to best honor their memories – indeed, to confront evil – we must act always as proud Jews, in our deeds and through our lives.”

Now is the time for tears. But it is also the time to act. As proud Jews. As proud Americans. As proud members of Western civilization. If we do not, those who murdered these three boys will keep cashing their checks, preparing for the next opportunity to slaughter innocents.

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