Obama Cut School Of Choice Voucher Programs For Students, Now Blames Teachers And Tells States They Must Train Teachers In Low Income Schools


Obama has told the states that their schools need “student equity” plans because low income students usually have teachers who are less experienced and poor track records for success.” Here are just a few questions that I have: What about the school voucher programs that Obama shut down (must see video links are below)? Why are the Feds involved in setting state education “policy?” Have the parents been involved in the decision or is big brother deciding what’s best for our children? Who’s footing 4.3 million bill? How will parents and the State Dept. of Education be involved in decision making? Now we are blaming teachers for poor student performance? It feels like more finger-pointing, more costly mandated government programs, and more big government involvement in our communities.  Obama and Congress have failed low income students who want the ability to have a school of choice voucher program. Obama is opposed to the school of choice voucher program and wants to keep throwing money at government programs. Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Sheila Jackson have together advocated for school of choice for their state of Texas. Senator Ted Cruz says, ‘let the parents and kids be empowered to choose their schools, don’t keep pouring money into failed programs.” He’s right and our kids are paying for it with their futures as Washington focuses on politics and not the future of America – our children. Today our students can’t even be left to decide what to eat. Mrs. Obama has changed that with her forced school lunch program. Was Mrs. Obama elected? When did she start setting policy? That’s a story for another day.

The Hill 

The Obama administration will unveil a new education initiative on Monday designed to ensure that all students, regardless of their race or their family’s income, have access to effective teachers.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan will launch The Excellent Educators for All Initiative, and will join President Obama and a group of teachers for lunch at The White House to discuss the program, according to a White House official.

“Despite the excellent work and deep commitment of our nation’s teachers and principals, systemic inequities exist that shortchange students in high-poverty, high-minority schools across our country. We have to do better,” Duncan said in a statement Monday. 

Research suggests low-income students usually have teachers with “less experience, credentials and a track record of success,” said the administration, adding that it won’t wait for Congress to assist vulnerable children and their families.

As part of the initiative, the Department of Education will ask states to analyze their data and consult with teachers, school administrators and parents to create “equity plans” to guarantee all students have effective educators.

The administration said all chief state school officers should receive a letter from Duncan on Monday asking that they submit their plans by April, 2015. To help districts develop and implement their plans, the administration said it plans to invest $4.3 million to launch a new technical assistance network.

The department will also publish “Educator Equity” profiles this fall to help states identify gaps to quality teaching for minority and low-income students. 

The new initiative is among many efforts Duncan has launched as head of the agency to help minimize gaps among minorities in the education system

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