MSNBC to Clinton: Stop blaming your honesty problem on GOP


Hillary Clinton Black Suit

By: Washington Examiner

A panel of pundits on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Friday railed against Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton for her continued claim that Republicans are to blame for her abysmally low honest ratings and widespread view that she’s untrustworthy.

The discussion comes just days after Clinton lost the New Hampshire primary to her opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and several exit polls showed her trailing Sanders among voters who consider honesty to be an important factor in who they choose to support. Among those voters, Sanders edged Clinton 92-6 percent as the more honest 2016 hopeful, according to CNN.

“Let’s be serious here for a second. When your hack spokesman starts attacking inspectors generals and the intel agencies, and your hack spokesman starts attacking the integrity of inspectors generals and John Kerry’s State Department, you’re desperate,” host Joe Scarborough said of the Clinton campaign’s defense.

“When your hack spokesman’s approach to this [is] attacking the integrity of inspectors generals, then yes, Hillary Clinton’s week just went from bad to worse.” Read More

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