LA Artist Gets In A Jab – Uses Art To Attack Muslim TERRORISTS And Hollywood Elite



IJReview The morning after Hollywood celebrated the Golden Globes, Westside Angelenos were once again exposed to posters displaying a poignant political message.

The poster features one of the Charlie Hedbo’s controversial covers, but added the words “Goodwill Hunting?”. The poster itself in an Egyptian being killed in a hail of gunfire with the words “the Koran is crap” and “it cannot even stop these bullets.”

On Sunset Blvd in front of Riviera Country Club.

Furthermore, as the Westside is a well-known progressive left neighborhood, it’s implying that the efforts to not offend Muslims — to accrue good will — has obviously failed.Art:Bus

The added words have a layered meaning. They are an obvious reference to the Matt Damon and Ben Affleck film “Good Will Hunting.” Both Damon and Affleck live in the neighborhood where the posters went up.

Last month Affleck was involved in a now-famous row with Bill Maher and was very upset with frank discussions about Islam’s connection with terrorism.


The signs were taken down fairly quickly, but the point was definitely made. And you know the artist was giggling while thinking “What do you think of THEM apples?”