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Bill Neumann

By:  Bill Neumann

I am honored that Conservative Voice of The People has given me the chance to speak-out about conservative values that we are missing today: honesty, integrity, truth, obeying laws on the books and most important the Constitution.

Some of the topics I will speak about are: ISIS/ISIL and all related terror organizations, citizenship, education, economics, the Constitution, family values, New World Order, global warming(?) and global engineering. Also any important current events that pop up. So keep an eye on

Let’s do terrorism/murder first because it is the most important situation and frightening words now, but it started decades ago, because we took no retaliation. This lack of response has emboldened and enabled those to all-out war against America! Only now getting national attention — but not enough from print or main-stream TV! They don’t use the word “terror” or “Islamic terror” because President Obama doesn’t want to use it. It’s played down to: “Work place violence,” “They need jobs” (laugh), “Radical religious extremist,” “Taliban is only an armed insurgency.”

Actually, many (insert name) organizations are terrorizing/murdering  Christians, Jews and all other religious minorities with rape, murder, kidnapping and burning down houses, synagogues and churches. Then we have the big-name warriors who do all the above, but also hang, execute, cut off heads, burn people alive and kill for the sake of killing to all those who do not believe in their evil ideology, Islam — that could be almost half the world population if you don’t convert and accept sharia law.

Get over it! We are at war with Islam because that is the flag, motto and cry that they fight under. You have to know your enemy to defeat your enemy! The key to fighting and winning is having the greater will — right now we do not have that in our leadership! Or in other world leaders. So they (Islam) are filling the void and getting away with bolder and bolder atrocities not unlike the Nazi’s in the 1930’s – 40’s where tens of millions of innocents were slaughtered. That’s because the German people and the world did not speak up, and the same can be said of any peaceful Muslims, but maybe too afraid to say anything less they be killed. With TV and the internet, they can easily be converted to join terror groups. Some radicalized muslim parents want their children to be martyrs as they make their 10-16 year old daughters murder bombers, and young sons to be taught the way of their evil parents — reminds me of Hitler’s youth movement to see them all lined up in their camouflage uniforms. This is the next generation of killers taking a page from history… will it never stop?

It was not the first strike but the most devastating to the time of our Marine barracks in Beirut — over 240 marines killed by a suicide truck murder. We took no action except evacuating those left, and promised to bring those responsible to justice– always promised, never fulfilled. The list is long: Beirut, Kenyan, Tanzania and Libyan embassy’s, Pan-Am flight #93, Saudi Khobar Towers military housing, USS Cole, and to top it all, the World Trade Center to name a few — we took no action. And then there a dozens of attacks in other nations as well — they have not taken any action — they are cowardly. This void of resolve/action is what has led us into the situation that we are in now. I see Obama as weak, along with almost all the other world leaders — appeasement that inspired the Nazi’s to start WWII. Appeasement does not work! Why do world leaders repeat histories mistakes over and over again! You learned nothing?

Our military is the best in the world, but we don’t have a leader that’s inspiring them or giving them a mission to kill the enemy. You can’t run a military mission from Washington. You have to give the military the mission and then let them do their job however they see fit, and no lawyers on the battle field! The company commander in the field makes the call immediately. The drone and fighter jet pilots the same, see a threat and fire — no asking for permission. The only way! Air strikes should be made on training camps, living quarters, ammo dumps and everywhere they congregate. If we can see them on TV, I’m sure our satellites can pinpoint the target.

Former President Eisenhower, speaking about taking a military action in Iraq said, “The U.S. has no business transforming itself into an occupying power in a seething Arab world and if we should ever do so, I am sure we would regret it.” Exactly! He knew about the nefarious acts that occurred, having fought in North Africa in WWII. He was also opposed to wars with endless insurgencies and need for long-term occupation, as well as guerrilla wars in which no decisive victory is possible. Those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it.

We had some “friendly” tyrants who seized power in the name of ending chaos in the Arab world, like Mubarak who kept the lid on Egyptian extremist and signed a peace agreement with Israel. But (the Obama administration) wanted a regime change — got the worst Muslim Brotherhood instead who vowed to eliminate Israel. Invaded Iraq, took out Hussein, same with Gaddafi. While our leaders said they were bad guys, they kept the lid on their people. We have no right to change heads of countries — change can be worse, which happened! Are you under the delusion that everyone wants democracy? Now instead the ideology of radical Muslim’s fixation on tribes murdering each other — Sunni fighting Shiite and other sects, they have filled the void the Obama administration left and have come together — ISIS/ISIL and others to kill all peace-loving people.

Now Yemen has fallen with Iran’s help. It is not inconceivable, as they build up strength, to invade Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and then Israel? We have dithered with Iran over the nuke issue for over ten years — no resolution because we, and world leaders are weak. They must be close to getting the bomb and they said they will use it. In those past ten years, with resolve, we could have sealed off Iran from banking, obtaining supplies and everything they need. Now more difficult, as they have had the time to build up an army, navy and missiles — putting our navy in the Gulf, and Israel in greater danger.

One last thought. It is strange that there are not many more Christians in Arab countries. Jesus traveled to all of them healing their sick of all manner of disease and raising the dead. Could they be the ancestors of those fighting now? Shouldn’t they honor and thank Him?  And “Love thy neighbor as thy self.” — Christ Jesus.

Bill Neumann

William Neumann 

Bill Neumann is a conservative Republican who has lived his entire life as a traditionalist. Bill’s love of God and country are unshakeable.

He is a small businessperson who started a company with an idea, no financing and never thought of failure. The very successful business is now its 41st year. As a successful entrepreneur, Bill makes decisions every day to guide his company, to be competitive and at the forefront of engineering, quality, new products, and be financially sound…Read More about Bill

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