What does this mean? If you have a desktop and have placed an ad blocker on it, Facebook has blocked your ad blocker. So when you are on Facebook, ads will pop-up regardless of your ad blocker. Facebook wraps it up in a cheery little video, telling us how lucky we are that we can “customize” the ads that we see. Maybe we don’t want to see any ads, that’s why we placed an ad blocker on our desktops! BUT, (read the last paragraph of the piece below,) the ad-blocker geniuses have beat Facebook at their own game. They in turn, came up with a blocker to block Facebook’s ad blocker!

This piece is a good read and an example of social media stepping in to control what we see, and how they wrap it up in a neat little video telling us that we are choosing what we see. I realize that the bots pick up what websites we visit and place those ads on our computer’s ad space accordingly. But Facebook taking an extra step by blocking the ad blockers that we selected, is and example of social media taking control. I’m not a technology person, so I don’t know exactly know how it works. But we all know what I’m getting at. I wonder what they will come up with next.  -CVP

Meta-web: Facebook is now blocking ad blockers

If you’ve been using Adblock or any other popular advertisement blocking software when visiting Facebook, you probably received a rather rude shock this week. The social media giant announced that they’ve been studying the “problem” of advertising on the web and trying to understand why people are annoyed by advertisements and would want to block them.