Derek Jeter Hits RBI Double To Start His Yankee Stadium Farewell Game


Derek Jeter hits RBI double to start his Yankee Stadium farewell game (Getty Images)
Derek Jeter hits RBI double to start his Yankee Stadium farewell game
(Getty Images)

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Yahoo The Derek Jeter magic was in full effect as the New York Yankees captain stepped to the plate for his first at-bat Thursday night. The crowd responded as expected: a big ovation for Jeter’s final Yankee Stadium game.

Then Jeter responded like things were coming out of a storybook. He launched a pitch from Baltimore Orioles starter Kevin Gausman deeeeep into left field. It was going, going … but then it hit off the wall. It looked like a homer, but fell just short. Nonetheless, Brett Gardner came around to score as Jeter stopped at second base.

If nothing else happened, at least Jeter created one memorable moment in his Bronx send-off. He looked happy enough, though a little disappointed it wasn’t a homer.

It wasn’t all perfect, as Jeter’s first fielding opportunity turned into an error. Kelly Johnson grounded a ball to short. Jeter grabbed it and threw wide to first base. More...

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