Denver Judge Orders Business Owner To Sell Wedding Cake To Gays

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In-Depth: Key Questions and Remarks From the Supreme Court Oral Arguments on Marriage

Tuesday’s oral arguments at the Supreme Court were excellent. There were so many good points made about what marriage is and why redefining marriage would cause harms...

Holder: States Can Ignore Bans On Gay Marriage

State Lawyers Don't Have To Defend Marriage Ban (via Reuters)

Pro-Life group splits over same sex marriage

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Utah Will Not Recognize Gay Marriages

Utah Governor Says State Will Not Recognize Gay Marriages Amid Court Battle (via Fox News)

Morality and the NYC Mayoral election…

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Same-Sex Marriage Lic. Issued In Colorado

The Colorado Supreme Court has removed all of the legal obstacles Tuesday preventing marriage licenses from being issued to same-sex couples, according to a news release from Colorado Attorney General John Suthers...

Supreme Court Rules On Alabama’s Same-Sex Marriage

Alabama began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples Monday despite an 11th-hour attempt from the state's chief justice - an outspoken opponent - to block the weddings.

Elton John Says Jesus Would Approve Of Homosexuals Because He Was A Christian –...

This open letter to Elton John schooling him on Christianity, Catholicism and the Pope and it puts Elton John in his place.