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Senate Defeats Dems Bill To Overturn SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Ruling

Life News - Senate Democrats today lost their bid to approve legislation to “overturn” the Supreme Court’s decision protecting Hobby Lobby and other companies from being forced to...

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Link Between Abortion and Higher Suicide Rates

The evidence between abortion and higher incidences of suicide relative to the general population continues to mount. Studies in Finland, Australia, New Zealand, the...

Young Men Express Why They Are Pro-Life

Listen to these young men speak up for the unborn who are defenseless. These young men are not afraid to express their thoughts on why they are pro-life. I think that you will find it uplifting to see that young men do recognize the unborn.

God Help Us: University Offers First Online Abortion Course

Just when you thought the moral decline in our country could not possibly get any worse, in comes the University of California San Francisco. The university is offering a free online course, the title of the course is - "Abortion: Quality care and public health implications." Read this article and you will see why we feel that evil towards the unborn has gone viral. It's a sad day for the unborn.

Justice Sotomayor Blocks Part Of Health Care Law That Mandates Employers Provide Birth Control

White House:  Birth Control Mandate Strikes Right 'Balance' (via The Washington Examiner)

Rick Santorum battled hard in the Senate for pro-life. See his plight in...

READ WHY (via Live Action News)

[VIDEO] Rep. Blackburn Shows Image Of Grandson To Show Opposition Of Abortion

How will history look upon us if we don't stand up for our unborn?

My Sister Has Down Syndrome, Would Abortion be OK?

Kala with her sister Hannah LifeNews My sister Hannah is beautiful inside and out. She inspires me every day. As is typical for children with...