Why Pro-Aborts Oppose Free Speech

Why Pro-Aborts Oppose Free Speech (By: Star Parker via Townhall)

What Would You Say If You Sat Next To A Powerful Pro-Abortion Senator On...

Lifenews -  I have to commend the pro-lifer who confronted a powerful senator and tried to change the senator's cold hearted position on the unborn.

GOP Marches For Life!

Republican Party Chair Announces Will Attend National Right To Life March On The National Mall (via Washington Times)

Refections of a lifenews.com reporter after Texas Abortion legislation hearings

READ MORE (via lifenews.com)

The 8 Biggest Losers of the War on Women

Can you guess?  ♦ Read More

Gov. Sarah Palin: #BlackLivesMatter… even in the womb

Sarah Palin wrote a piece for Life Site News on the horrific practices that have been exposed by undercover film makers. The facts of the practices at Planned Parenthood are horrific. Why liberals aren't demanding to defund Planned Parenthood is beyond me. But the far left won't even watch the videos much less demand to defund Planned Parenthood...

Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas – Gives Girl Scouts The Boot

Could this the beginning of the Catholic Church's plan to sever ties with Girl Scouts USA, which proudly  is affiliated with Planned Parenthood?  I...

Prayer To End Abortion Saves Twins

I won't forget the time I stood on a busy city street sidewalk holding a pro-life sign with other pro-lifers.  Some people would honk...

Abortions Outnumber Live Births In NYC

Abortions Outnumber Live Births In NYC (via Truth Revolt)