Pro-Life Miss USA Contentant Valerie Gatto Was Conceived In A Brutal Rape

Miss Valerie Gatto was crowned Miss Pennsylvania and is competing for the title of Miss USA. Her platform will be to provide more support for victims of sexual assault. Miss Gatto has a very personal reason why - her mother was raped and became pregnant with her...

More Lies From Hillary On Hobby Lobby

The liberal media is happy to promote Hillary Clinton's lies and agenda. Watch what she says about the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS ruling.

3rd Shock Video Catches Planned Parenthood Vice President Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies

After two shocking videos caught Planned Parenthood doctors discussing and arranging the sale of body parts of aborted babies, a third video has been released today catching a Planned Parenthood vice president negotiating the sale of aborted babies and attempting to get as much money as possible from the deal.

Senate Defeats Dems Bill To Overturn SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Ruling

Life News - Senate Democrats today lost their bid to approve legislation to “overturn” the Supreme Court’s decision protecting Hobby Lobby and other companies from being forced to...

Democratic Candidate Says Pro-Lifers Are ‘Mentally Disabled’

The Washington Times The left has gone way off the deep end - again!   Mike Dickinson, a Democrat who is running for a legislative...

Senator Ted Cruz Addresses the 2013 Right To Life Conference

Senator Ted Cruz is for the right to life and is a champion for the unborn!

Blue states have got the blues…

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CPAC Leaves Out Pro-Lifers

CPAC Under Fire For Not Having Any Panels On Pro-Life Issues (via Life Site News)

The Voices of the Unborn were Heard Last Night

In  a historic election last night, the spotlight has been on the Republicans reclaiming the Senate and extending their majority in the House. And...

Woman with M.S. Loses Coverage and now asks for our Prayers

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