Senator Ted Cruz Released Statement In Observance Of Easter

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, released the following statement in observance of Easter...

My Sister Has Down Syndrome, Would Abortion be OK?

Kala with her sister Hannah LifeNews My sister Hannah is beautiful inside and out. She inspires me every day. As is typical for children with...

March For Life!

Holy Week is about humility – there is no other way, Pope says

Pope Francis on Palm Sunday said that imitating the humility of Jesus is what makes Holy Week “holy,” and encouraged attendees to mimic his attitude of humiliation as the week unfolds...

How MLK’s Faith Influenced His Public Life

MLK Day - How MKL's Faith Influenced His Public Life (via The Foundry)

Action Alert! Radical Colorado Bill For Abortions Up To Birth  

WATCH: One of the Greatest Pro-Life Speeches Ever

"The truth is, I believe in all my heart that future generations will look back at this era in American history and condemn us....

Genesis 3D: “In the beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth”

READ MORE: (via The Blaze) VIDEO: (official movie trailer via 

Another Win For Pro-Lifers – Christian College Wins

On the heels of the Hobby Lobby case, Wheaton College received relief from the SCOTUS - they don't have to pay the high IRS fines because of their religious beliefs. We are chipping away at the Obamacare mandates.

Crossing The Delaware – the Battle that Changed the Revolutionary War

On Christmas eve of 1776 George Washington led his troops across the Delaware river in wintery cold conditions and surprised the Hessian army on...