8 Founders Advise How to Vote

The Founding Fathers gave us the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Tonight we will see if Americans remember and honor those divine documents...

Pope Francis isn’t progressive. Mainstream media distorts again!

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Dobson To Obama: Come And Get Me

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God Bless Hobby Lobby

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More Lies From Hillary On Hobby Lobby

The liberal media is happy to promote Hillary Clinton's lies and agenda. Watch what she says about the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS ruling.

Pope Francis reveals plans to tour The Holy Land

Pope Francis's Preliminary Plans For Holy Land Tour Revealed (via JNS.org)

Bono Talks About His Love Of Jesus And His Faith

In this interview Bono talks about how his family prays and that he believes Jesus died for us and rose from the dead.  The...

Sarah Palin At Liberty University Talks About Faith And Our Foundation

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If You’re a Christian and Your Children Want to Join the Military, a Former...

Now’s not the time for Christians to enlist, according to some. In an interview with Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson this week, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee advised Christians to stay away from the military — at least until President Barack Obama is out of office...

Young Men Express Why They Are Pro-Life

Listen to these young men speak up for the unborn who are defenseless. These young men are not afraid to express their thoughts on why they are pro-life. I think that you will find it uplifting to see that young men do recognize the unborn.