Meriam Ibrahim May Get Sentenced To 7-Years Because Of New Charges

Meriam Ibrahim may face 7 years in prison for using her Christian name in documents when trying to leave the country. Lift Meriam and her family up in your prayers.

Roman Catholics Gather For Sainthood Of Popes John Paul II and John Paul XXIII

video The Telegraph Joyful Roman Catholics from around the world prayed and celebrated Mass as Pope Francis declared Popes John Paul II and John Paul...

My Secret Life As A Stay-At-Home Mom

After reading tweets, FB posts, blogs and articles about what it is (or isn't) like being a stay-at-home mom, I've decided to enlighten you...

How Faith brought Jackie Robinson to the Big Leagues

With the 2014 World Series in full gear, divine intervention may be at work. Ed Henry, Fox News, tells the story little known of...

Little Sisters Of The Poor Is Listed By National Organization of Women (NOW) As...

NOW - National Organization of Women - You can't even take this organization seriously - they are a joke!

WATCH: One of the Greatest Pro-Life Speeches Ever

"The truth is, I believe in all my heart that future generations will look back at this era in American history and condemn us....

US World Cup Fans Go To Manaus, Brazil This Weekend

US World Cup fans go to Manaus, Brazil this weekend. Also, Americans from Christ Community Church will be there to provide kids with soccer gear and will provide ministry around the stadium during the World Cup. Good luck USA!

Christmas in Thailand?

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