Elton John Says Jesus Would Approve Of Homosexuals Because He Was A Christian –...

This open letter to Elton John schooling him on Christianity, Catholicism and the Pope and it puts Elton John in his place.

Meriam Ibrahim Needs The President To Act Now And So Do Americans!

Secretary of State John Kerry says he's deeply concerned. We need action to save Meriam Ibrahim and her two American children, not concern!

Mike Rowe On The Importance Of Consequence

Mike Rowe joined Glenn Beck for the hour - here he talks about debt, consequence and our society today.

Denzel Washington To Youth: “Put Your Shoes Way Under The Bed At Night, So...

Actor Denzel Washington gives this inspirational talk to young people who are hoping to achieve success. Washington says, "You'll never see...

Is Michelle Obama Saying Segregation Is Still Alive Today? It Sure Sounds Like...

Holy Moly! Is this our First Lady?!

Pot Banking Gets Approved In Colorado

video Yahoo News - Well, Colorado has truly gone to pot.

Will he be the Evangelical Movement’s 2016 Presidential Candidate?

Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, are among two potential 2016 presidential candidates competing in what many are calling the "evangelical primary." After failing to mobilize...

Manufacturing Consent on Same Sex Marriage

Manufacturing Consent on Same Sex Marriage (via The American Thinker)

Mark Levin Gets A Standing Ovation At The Values Voters Summit!

Mark Levin addresses faith, and the fight against extremist Islam. He also says that the President needs to stop making apologies about it! Mark then asks, "how about a speech in the defense of the Christians around the world from the President of The United States?" Then he goes on, "how about a speech about the defense of Israel?" And "how about a speech in the defense of women who are being attacked and enslaved," asks Levin. The crowd went crazy with approving applause and cheering! This is one to watch! Mark is a true patriot. Thank you Mark Levin!

The Feds Let Colorado Collect Tax On Pot

Townhall It's all about money isn't it?  The state of Colorado has asked the federal government to match the tax money made by recreational marijuana...