God Help Us: University Offers First Online Abortion Course

Just when you thought the moral decline in our country could not possibly get any worse, in comes the University of California San Francisco. The university is offering a free online course, the title of the course is - "Abortion: Quality care and public health implications." Read this article and you will see why we feel that evil towards the unborn has gone viral. It's a sad day for the unborn.

Firefighters Have To Drop Everything And Leave Costco For A Call…

But look what was waiting for them when they returned!

Dinesh D’Souza Film ‘America – Imagine The World Without Her’

video Dinesh D'Souza w/Kelly File interview A new Dinesh D'Souza film will be hitting theaters on July 4th!  Watch the movie trailer and an interview of...

WATCH: One of the Greatest Pro-Life Speeches Ever

"The truth is, I believe in all my heart that future generations will look back at this era in American history and condemn us....

[VIDEO] Rev. Rafael Cruz: The Pastors In America Are Afraid Of Losing Their Tax-Exempt...

Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Senator Ted Cruz, says that the Church is under attack more and more everyday. He says, pastors need to be "light to a society that is in darkness", that they have the "responsibility to bring the light of the Gospel, the light of the truth in God to a world in darkness."...

Mark Levin Gets A Standing Ovation At The Values Voters Summit!

Mark Levin addresses faith, and the fight against extremist Islam. He also says that the President needs to stop making apologies about it! Mark then asks, "how about a speech in the defense of the Christians around the world from the President of The United States?" Then he goes on, "how about a speech about the defense of Israel?" And "how about a speech in the defense of women who are being attacked and enslaved," asks Levin. The crowd went crazy with approving applause and cheering! This is one to watch! Mark is a true patriot. Thank you Mark Levin!

Atheist Group Complains About Clemson Coach For Praying

Truth Revolt Clemson University defended Coach Dabo Swinney for his praying with some of the public university team members.  Clemson University leaders released a statement saying...

Federal Judge Strikes Down Voter Approved Ban On Same-Sex Marriage In OR

video Fox News- Why do we even have elections?


GOOD HEAVENS! I don't even know what to say - these are kids! I sit at my computer now with my head shaking left to right.

Mike Rowe On The Importance Of Consequence

Mike Rowe joined Glenn Beck for the hour - here he talks about debt, consequence and our society today.