WATCH: Hannity opening statement on cry baby liberals after Hillary Clinton loss

Sean Hannity speaks the truth. Trump Senio Advisor, KellyAnn Conway weighs in.(14:27) -CVP


You won't hear about this data in the mainstream liberal media. -CVP

WATCH: Sean Hannity advises Trump to “trust his gut”

Sean Hannity is a great American! -CVP

WATCH: Trump fires back at New York Times for false news story

New York Times lost creditability long ago. -CVP

Bill O’Reilly suggests Megyn Kelly is making Fox News look bad

They can't seem to get the staff together at Fox News. -CVP

WATCH: Chicago and SF Mayors Double Down on cities’ Sanctuary Policy

I find it disgraceful that the Mayor of Chicago tells residents, "you are safe in Chicago." The city has a very high murder rate. Liberal policies are not working. -CVP