Heavy Rains Flood Arizona Roads

Associated Press  

The most beautiful stargazing location on Earth

The Weather Channel - Hundreds of amateur astronomers gather at Cherry Springs in Pennsylvania to catch a glimpse of the stars and the Milky Way....

Tornado Forms As Newly Married Couple Takes Photos

Some are saying that this is in poor taste. You decide.

Nebraska Gets Double Twisters

We will keep all of those that are in the path of the tornados in our prayers.

It’s Friday, June 13th, And Tonight It’s Going To Be A Full Moon!

It's Friday, June 13th, and tonight's going to be a full moon! I hope that you enjoy it!

Bad Weather In Parts Of U.S….Keep An Eye To The Sky…

Currently there are tornado warnings out for parts of Colorado. Check out The Weather Channel's Tornado Central live tracking link...

Breaking: 3.7 Magnitude Earthquake Near Greeley, Colorado

Local woman reports, "wow, now I know what it feels like to feel my first earthquake!"

Severe Weather Hits Denver Metro Area – 5 Tornados Reported

Tornado warnings went off this afternoon in the Denver Metro area. Hail was large and looked like a pile of snow by the time it moved out. There was hail, wind and a lot of damage. No injuries were...

More Help Being Sent For California Fires

San Diego News -  All of California has severe drought and now winds are not helping all of the fires that are burning. San Diego...

Multiple Fires Burning in California

Fox News - Forced evacuations and school closures. Carlsbad had to be evacuated and the Legoland Park in that city was also forced to close....