Breaking: 3.7 Magnitude Earthquake Near Greeley, Colorado

Local woman reports, "wow, now I know what it feels like to feel my first earthquake!"

It’s Friday, June 13th, And Tonight It’s Going To Be A Full Moon!

It's Friday, June 13th, and tonight's going to be a full moon! I hope that you enjoy it!

10 Things To Know For Today

NYC Mayor De Blasio and NY Governor Cuomo defend decision to shut-down major NYC transportation and bridges in anticipation of massive blizzard. As you can see the accumulation amount was 6 to 7 inches. This is the first time in the history of NYC that the subway has been shut down. You can bet that will cost New York taxpayers a lot of money. Here's more on what things you should watch today.

Gridlock Stranded

Some Atlanta Residents Stranded on Freeways (via The Weather Channel)

Tornados Hit South and Mid-West

Live The Weather Channel 

Global warming?

READ MORE (via Express)

Nebraska Gets Double Twisters

We will keep all of those that are in the path of the tornados in our prayers.

More Help Being Sent For California Fires

San Diego News -  All of California has severe drought and now winds are not helping all of the fires that are burning. San Diego...

WATCH: Jim Cantore Goes Crazy When Thunder/Lightening Happen During Blizzard!

Awesome! Happy for you Jim!

Tim Tebow Wish Foundation Makes Girls Dreams Come True

Tim Tebow Wish Foundation