10 Things To Know For Today

Townhall - Your daily look at late-breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today: 1.KERRY, BAN SHUTTLE TO MIDEAST AS PALESTINIAN DEATH...

“Streaker” At World Cup!

What happened to the good old fashioned streaker, tweeted one fan....

Senator Cruz Tweets: Go Team USA!

Senator Ted Cruz, you're awesome!!

Rush: “Imagine The Feds Eliminating Your Property Rights”

Rush: "Imagine The Feds Eliminating Your Property Rights" - Rush warns that this could happen to us because of the interpretation of what the...

Redskins Trademark Patent Cancelled

Redskins trademark has been cancelled by the U.S. patent office and everyone in America is talking about it. The U.S. patent office has cancelled the Redskins patent in an effort to give owners pressure to drop the name from the team...

USA Beats Ghana In World Cup – Brooks Closes With Goal!

USA, USA, USA chants a pumped up American crowd!