After Tornado, Look What Someone Discovered & Tweeted; “God Is With Us”

This image of a cross was tweeted by Chase Rhodes, who found the cross pictured above, in Moore, Oklahoma, after a tornado hit the town. It's a reminder to us all, as Easter approaches, that Jesus died for us and that "God is with us." We here at CVP are praying for all of those effected by the tornado and storms that moved through Oklahoma and Arkansas yesterday. One person was killed due to the tornado.


Yes, the pathetic liberal media slobbers all over themselves anticipating Mr. Obama's picks for what is referred to as March Madness in the world of college basketball. Mr. Obama touts his ability to make picks as one of his talents, (playing basketball and picking winners in the basketball tournaments.)...

Hulk – The Gentle Giant

Weighing in at 175 pounds, Hulk is one of the largest pit bulls on the planet.  Watch him on his visit to New York.

Associated Press News Minute February 18th

The south is getting some serious ice and more.

WATCH: Jim Cantore Goes Crazy When Thunder/Lightening Happen During Blizzard!

Awesome! Happy for you Jim!

Hero From NY Train Wreck Rescues Passengers, Says Of Train Car, “It Was Hell”

The horror that this man saw. He saved lives with his quick actions. Thank God, for people like Patrick Izzo. We wish him well, as he faces surgery on his burned hands, and pain from the burns that he received from the train wreck in New York.


WATCH: Billboard's Top 10 Super Bowl halftime shows, and our pick for best Star Spangled Banner! An American tradition! Enjoy your day!

WATCH: AP’s News Minute January 30th

It's Super Bowl weekend! You're not going to believe how many pounds of cheese Pizza Hut expects to sell! Watch AP's news minute to find out!

10 Things To Know For Today

NYC Mayor De Blasio and NY Governor Cuomo defend decision to shut-down major NYC transportation and bridges in anticipation of massive blizzard. As you can see the accumulation amount was 6 to 7 inches. This is the first time in the history of NYC that the subway has been shut down. You can bet that will cost New York taxpayers a lot of money. Here's more on what things you should watch today.

WATCH: It’s Mating Season For Elephants In Thailand….Male Elephant Sits On Cars!

This is hilarious! A nice change from all of the bad news that comes across the wire.  CVP