[VIDEO] The ‘Miracle Story’ Of California Chrome’s Blue Collar Owners

CVP was at the race in 1978 when Affirmed won the Triple Crown! We would love to see another winner!

Do Not Underestimate The Bond Between Man And Dog

WATCH: What a heartwarming story. The health of an elderly man in a Kentucky hospital was declining rapidly and his precious little buddy Bubba was...

Hulk – The Gentle Giant

Weighing in at 175 pounds, Hulk is one of the largest pit bulls on the planet.  Watch him on his visit to New York.

Numbers Of Bison Spooked – Large Numbers Fleeing From Yellowstone – Video

People have posted videos of bison fleeing the park, and suspect that the recent earthquakes are leading the bison to flee from the National...

It’s National Dog Day! Here is the CVP dog – Polar Express!

Meet Polar Express - CVP's adorable dog!

[VIDEO] I Was There When Affirmed Won In 1978! What A Race It Was!

The crowd noise was deafening! I actually had to hold my hands over my ears! I have never experienced anything like this at any sporting event!

“Belmont Bummer”

Bitter ending...

Miranda Lambert Starts New Year on Pinterest – Posts About Rescue Dogs

Miranda Lambert is a star in so many ways!

Loving Lab Reaches out to Boy with Down Syndrome

READ MORE: (with video via Life News)

Feds Spend $3.2 Million In Taxpayers Money To Study Drunken Monkeys

NSTP Wake The Hell Up America!