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Team USA Will Face Ghana In World Cup Opener

Go Team USA!

Goodell: We ‘Will Get Our House in Order’

National Review

“Streaker” At World Cup!

What happened to the good old fashioned streaker, tweeted one fan....

Patriots star: Was Obama drunk?

I think this demonstrates two things. One, how the President has virtually no respect. I think that the comment was very disrespectful, but Obama seemed to like the attention. Two, the fact that we have to hesitate and wonder, was he really drunk? That shows what we think of our leader, and how we think he has disrespected the office.

Hulk – The Gentle Giant

Weighing in at 175 pounds, Hulk is one of the largest pit bulls on the planet.  Watch him on his visit to New York.

[VIDEO] I Was There When Affirmed Won In 1978! What A Race It Was!

The crowd noise was deafening! I actually had to hold my hands over my ears! I have never experienced anything like this at any sporting event!

10 Things To Know For Today

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Tornado Forms As Newly Married Couple Takes Photos

Some are saying that this is in poor taste. You decide.