Looks like she's afraid to face the crowd after her stupid remarks.

Did You Notice That Facebook Updated The Friends Logo?

The design manager at Facebook, Caitlin Winner, posted an article "announcing" the new Facebook friends logo design. It's actually very interesting what was changed and why. For instance, the woman got a new hair-do, and the man also had his hairstyle updated to look more modern. But the interesting part of this update is the images were placed side-by-side, so it would appear that the two are equal. The designer said she felt that the earlier design made the woman look like she had a chip on her shoulder, and that the woman was behind the man...

NASA Observes Widespread Power Outages After Nepal’s Devastating Earthquake

Nepal's already-shaky and unreliable power grid was dealt a severe blow when a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the Asian nation on April 25. Now, satellite data shows us just how widespread the outages were.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao Megafight Takes Place Tonight In Las Vegas

I'm not a boxing fan, but apparently this is a big deal.

Singer of ‘Stand by Me’ – Ben King, Dead at age 76

Ben E. King, the unforgettable lead singer for the Drifters and solo star whose plaintive baritone graced such pop and rhythm 'n blues classics as "Stand by Me," ''There Goes My Baby" and "Spanish Harlem," has died. He was 76.

Patriots star: Was Obama drunk?

I think this demonstrates two things. One, how the President has virtually no respect. I think that the comment was very disrespectful, but Obama seemed to like the attention. Two, the fact that we have to hesitate and wonder, was he really drunk? That shows what we think of our leader, and how we think he has disrespected the office.

WATCH: 5 Incredible Videos of the Tornado That Just Devastated a Small Illinois Town

Our prayers go out to those impacted by this tornado.

Flash Flooding Swamps Louisville; More Than 100 Water Rescues Reported

Torrential rain overnight triggered major flash flooding in the Louisville, Kentucky, closing roads, delaying schools and prompting more than 100 water rescues...

WATCH: Chicago Road Rage Caught on Camera

Watch the upper left hand corner of the screen, the guy goes nuts! It doesn't appear that anyone gets hurt, but you can bet that one of the cars was pretty smashed up.

WATCH: Close Call – Chinese Army Recruit Fails Grenade Toss

Thank goodness for his fast thinking instructor!