WATCH: Hillary Acts Clownish, Laughs, Says She Didn’t Have To Turn Anything In!

I don't think that the entire Benghazi Select Committee would agree that you volunteered to turn in e-mails. Does a pesky little thing like the committee playing hardball and talking of having to issue a SUBPOENA RING A BELL, Hillary? Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? And what about that little matter of wiping a server clean? This, Mrs. Clinton, is NOT funny! Four dead Americans is NOT funny! This is very, very serious.

In-Depth: 4 Harms the Court’s Marriage Ruling Will Cause

Judicial activism causes harm. The Obergefell ruling written by Justice Anthony Kennedy will likely cause four distinct types of harm to the body politic: to constitutional democratic self-government, to marriage itself, to civil harmony, and to religious liberty...

WATCH: Sen Rand Paul Reacts To NSA Speech Backlash

Last night on The Kelly File Senator Rand Paul discuses the NSA and what they could be doing with American's phone data records.

WATCH: Just A Common Soldier

We remember the sacrifices of our veterans and their families on this Memorial Day weekend.

Osprey Hard Landing Kills 1 Marine

God bless our military and their families. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family of the Marine killed in the military exercise.

WATCH: Crippling Cuts – SEC. James: Budget Cuts Hurting Our Military

The Rise Of Radical Extremism

WATCH: Not Spying Enough – Corker ‘Shocked’ NSA Collects So Little Data

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