What Amy Adams Did May Surprise You

Amy is an American patriot!

Trey Gowdy Makes It Clear That Congress Won’t Be Sweeping Benghazi Under The Rug

Good for Rep. Trey Gowdy! Last week Bret Baier of Fox News conducted interviews from people who were there that terrible night in Benghazi. According to them the instruction that was given was to "wait" and "stand-down." We have to get to the bottom of this and Hillary Clinton should be the first to be held accountable.


This is a video that you need to watch to understand how vulnerable we are. It is frightening to see how bold these illegal...

U.S. Air Force Marks 68 Years Of Service

To all of those who serve, thank you for your service.

Detention Centers With Illegal Immigrant Children – Media Gets Limited Access

The media is being suppressed by big government because the press is only allowed to view the illegal immigrant detention facilities under the strictest guidelines. How are Americans going to be informed by what's going on in the centers?! Well, there was one media person allowed with virtually no restrictions - and she is from a liberal network...

Bill O’Reilly Talking Points: Leadership In America Is On The Decline

Bill O'Reilly believes obama has underestimated how difficult his job really is . O'Reilly says, Obama is a "passive leader" who avoids confrontation.

Obama Abandons In Benghazi – Obama Abandons Our Vets

Washington Times - He knew!  That is the headline that will be splashed everywhere today.  VA Officials warned the Obama-Biden transition team about the VA problems...

Featured Post: “WE THE PEOPLE”

Truth Revolt Last week as the government threatened Cliven Bundy and his family over his rights to his land and cattle, something happened at the...

BREAKING: ISIS Shoots Down Iraqi Military Chopper

ISIS has now demonstrated the ability they have to use surface-to-air missiles. This can't be good...