Featured Post: “WE THE PEOPLE”

Truth Revolt Last week as the government threatened Cliven Bundy and his family over his rights to his land and cattle, something happened at the...

9/11 Memorial Will Display Shirt Worn By Bin Laden Shooter

NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) -The shirt worn by the Navy SEAL who fired the shots that killed terror leader Osama Bin Laden in 2011 will...

Obama Talks With Mexican President On Phone – Doesn’t Bring Up Our Marine!

This is an outrage! President Obama acts like he doesn't give a damn about our Marine! How can President Obama not bring up our Marine who is wrongly jailed in Mexico?! I just can't express how strong my disgust is with President Obama.

Political Elitists Snub Veterans

American Hero Ret. Marine Cpl. Kyle Carpenter Receives Medal Of Honor

American Hero Ret. Marine Cpl. Kyle Carpenter Receives Medal Of Honor, he threw himself on a grenade to shield a fellow Marine from the explosion.

WATCH THIS SLAM! Krauthammer: “Another Embarrassing Moment for Obama Admin”

Charles Krauthammer gives Susan Rice a piece of advice and tells her NOT to go on television anymore!


Americans are going to keep getting spin that President Obama was getting his intelligence briefings from his iPad. If Americans find it acceptable that the president doesn't take the security of our nation seriously enough that he feels that a briefing from an iPad is enough, that is just damn sad. At what point do American say enough is enough? Wake the hell up America!

Sarah Palin Sends Out Press Release On Marine Jailed In Mexico

Sarah Palin speaks up for our Marine!