Ted Cruz Fights for School Choice

  Senator Ted Cruz is fighting for all children in America to have the opportunity to get the best education available.  And clearly he will...

School Choice Issue


7 Lies Liberals Tell Young Americans

7 Lies Liberals Tell Young People (via Town Hall)

Politics Verses Education

Politics Verses Education (via Right Wing News)

Students Sue State Over Ineffective Teachers

California Students Sue State Over Ineffective Teachers (via WatchDog.org)

Arkansas Mom Destroys Common Core In Four Minutes!

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Teachers Complain About Common Core

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Common Core 4th Grade Reading: Obama Biography Declares Whites As Racists

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Common Core: A Path To Universal Education

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In Tennessee a Dad gets arrested while trying to pick up daughter at office...

  I don't know what they'll charge him for.  Maybe "no use of car line"? READ MORE (via The Blaze)