CA Schools Pass Into Law Must Teach ‘Significance’ Of Barack Obama Becoming First African...

In California it is now law that the state schools must teach the historical significance of Barack Obama as the first African American president....

Ted Cruz Today At Liberty University

Watch entire speech. Senator Ted Cruz  

Students Sue State Over Ineffective Teachers

California Students Sue State Over Ineffective Teachers (via

Carlson: Rush Limbaugh is – gasp! – hooking kids on U.S. history

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Teachers Complain About Common Core

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Common Core is teaching kids that government must be obeyed.

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Politics Verses Education

Politics Verses Education (via Right Wing News)

Obama Cut School Of Choice Voucher Programs For Students, Now Blames Teachers And Tells...

Obama and Congress have failed low income students who want schools of choice. A program that Obama is opposed to. Let the parents and kids be empowered to chose their schools, don't keep pouring money into failed programs.

Featured Post: Junk Food Ban In Schools

Breitbart I have fond memories of Thursdays in high school.  Do you know why?  Because it was cinnamon bun and chili corn carne day at...