Teachers Complain About Common Core

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Arkansas Mom Destroys Common Core In Four Minutes!

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Michelle Malkin Attacked By Pro Common Core Big Shots – Malkin Slams Back...

Michelle Malkin slams Common Core big shot lobbyists and all of the monied people who are pushing Common Core, (one of which is Bill...

Featured Post: Rick Santorum On Common Core

Townhall Santorum writes about how Common Core has gone through virtually undetected.  Legislatures have not put the standards in place, they were adopted by Governors...

Michelle Malkin – fight the fed/ed elites

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State Of Texas Takes Home Schooled Kids Away From Parents

It's pretty scary that the government can come in and take away your kids on a whim.  Beware parents. Breitbart  

Politics Verses Education

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A Heartbreaking Decision for Matt Damon: Sending his Kids to ‘Expensive’ Private School

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7 Lies Liberals Tell Young Americans

7 Lies Liberals Tell Young People (via Town Hall)

Students Sue State Over Ineffective Teachers

California Students Sue State Over Ineffective Teachers (via WatchDog.org)