Common Core is teaching kids that government must be obeyed.

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Michelle Malkin Attacked By Pro Common Core Big Shots – Malkin Slams Back...

Michelle Malkin slams Common Core big shot lobbyists and all of the monied people who are pushing Common Core, (one of which is Bill...

Ted Cruz Fights for School Choice

  Senator Ted Cruz is fighting for all children in America to have the opportunity to get the best education available.  And clearly he will...

Ted Cruz Today At Liberty University

Watch entire speech. Senator Ted Cruz  

Common Core: A Path To Universal Education

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Cruz gets Standing-O from The Federalist Society

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On First Day Of Common Core Testing Some NY Students Sit Out

This little boy learned a lesson in civil disobedience from his mother.  People are taking a stand against Common Core. Fox News  

Common Core 4th Grade Reading: Obama Biography Declares Whites As Racists

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Conservative Websites Blocked From Students

As Andrew Lampart prepared for his debate team assignment on gun control, he wanted to hear both sides of the issue so he surfed the net at school to find out more information. No problem right? Wrong...

Featured Post: Rick Santorum On Common Core

Townhall Santorum writes about how Common Core has gone through virtually undetected.  Legislatures have not put the standards in place, they were adopted by Governors...