Common Core Is Cruel – Forces Kid With Learning Disability To Write Letter To...

Watch this video of a father who talks about a math problem that his second grader was required to solve.  The point is that...

A Heartbreaking Decision for Matt Damon: Sending his Kids to ‘Expensive’ Private School

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Conservative Websites Blocked From Students

As Andrew Lampart prepared for his debate team assignment on gun control, he wanted to hear both sides of the issue so he surfed the net at school to find out more information. No problem right? Wrong...

CA Schools Pass Into Law Must Teach ‘Significance’ Of Barack Obama Becoming First African...

In California it is now law that the state schools must teach the historical significance of Barack Obama as the first African American president....

Genesis 3D: “In the beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth”

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Carlson: Rush Limbaugh is – gasp! – hooking kids on U.S. history

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Arkansas Mom Destroys Common Core In Four Minutes!

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Common Core: A Path To Universal Education

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Obama Won’t Reference Jihad Or Islam During West Point Address – Uses “Violent Extremism”

Obama tells West Point Grads Global Warming is the full transcript.

School Choice Issue