Your Tax Dollars At Work! – UWM Chancellor Lobbies Alumni Against Walker

Citizen journalist and college Republican finds information that exposes UWM Chancellor lobbying alumni against Governor Scott Walker. Way to go!

Net Neutrality: The gullible and ignorant have no idea what they’ve just unleashed

Listening to Rush Limbaugh today he brought up these important facts about what is coming with these new regulations…WATCH: video at end of post...

WATCH: DOJ No Charges Against Zimmerman In Trayvon Killing

On Fox Happening Now

WATCH: FCC To Vote On Internet Regulations Next Week – End Of The Internet...

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WATCH: Coming Soon—> The Department of the Internet

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WATCH: Fed Judge Blocks Pres’ Deferred Deportations For Illegal Immigrants

Sheriff Joe Arpaio with Neil Cavuto on Fox News Channel.

WATCH: Cruz Releases Funny Video On Gov’t Regulation Of Internet

Senator Ted Cruz released this hilarious video in order to demonstrate what we can expect if the government steps in and regulates the internet. Funny, yet scary.

MOOCH: “Cheese Dust Isn’t Food”

Mooch is giving her input again as to mandating what American children should eat. Last I checked the First Lady wasn't a lawmaker! Anyway, I'd take boxed Mac and Cheese over this stuff for a school lunch! Yuck!

Eric Holder Says Justice Dept. Will Enter Washington Redskins Dispute!

Okay, we have major issues going on here, and Eric Holder steps in to look into the Washington Redskins dispute? Are you kidding me?! Seriously, this is beyond ridiculous! Eric Holder is a useless idiot.

Will God Grab Dr. Ben Carson by the Collar?

Potential Conservative presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson was interviewed by the Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody earlier this month. In the interview he discussed his...