“Most Transparent Administration In History My Ass!” -Tweeted By A Conservative Patriot

"Most transparent administration in history my ass!" -Tweeted by Conservative Patriot

Rep. Issa: “Unprecedented for 47 Inspectors General to sign a letter that admin is...

Two-Thirds (47) of Inspectors General file complaint against the Dept. of Justice, the Peace Corps and the Chemical Safety Board for withholding information from...

Net Neutrality: The gullible and ignorant have no idea what they’ve just unleashed

Listening to Rush Limbaugh today he brought up these important facts about what is coming with these new regulations…WATCH: video at end of post...

Dems Targeting Mentally Ill On Gun Control

How scary is this? I fret that we are on the precipice of something very dangerous. The whole thing doesn't pass the "smell test."

Obama Warns Youth: Sign Up For Obamacare Or We’ll Charge You A...

President Obama Warns Youth:  Sign Up For Obamacare Of We Will Charge You A Penalty (with audio via The Washington Examiner)

IRS Hearings On Missing E-mails To Be Held Tonight

When is America going to wake up and demand that the IRS needs to be abolished?! Hopefully, Americans will be curious enough to watch the hearings. Fellow conservatives, be prepared to throw your remote...


This should alarm every American, I don't care if your liberal or conservative.

More Lies From Hillary On Hobby Lobby

The liberal media is happy to promote Hillary Clinton's lies and agenda. Watch what she says about the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS ruling.

State Of Texas Takes Home Schooled Kids Away From Parents

It's pretty scary that the government can come in and take away your kids on a whim.  Beware parents. Breitbart  

Oops – IRS Loses 2 Years Of Learner E-Mails

Can you imagine if we were audited by the IRS and told them, "sorry, I lost two years of records, but I'll get it to you eventually."...