‘Honk If I’m Paying For Your Healthcare’

IRS:  Don't Forget To Pay Your Obamacare Tax With Your Tax Return Next Year (via Townhall)

Feds Say Private Company Can’t Require Employees To Speak English While At Work

Who says so? The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under President Obama says so - and the agency is suing a Wisconsin company to prove it. This demonstrates government overreach, and the scary part is that Americans are accepting it.

Obama Warns Youth: Sign Up For Obamacare Or We’ll Charge You A...

President Obama Warns Youth:  Sign Up For Obamacare Of We Will Charge You A Penalty (with audio via The Washington Examiner)

NC Citizen Reporter Captures Video Of Illegals Shopping At Walmart Using EBT Cards!

Citizen journalist is on it! Watch her raw footage. (note footage is raw, one curse word "BS". Also the video may roll to others that I don't intend to be part of this post.)

Justina Pelletier’s Family Will Sue MA

Justina Pelletier's family will sue MA, and I hope that they win - and win big!

New Poll: Americans Say Government Is Enemy Number One

As elections approach, I seriously fret about the "conservative" GOP candidates that I support. Will they act on my behalf once they are elected?...

BOOM! James Wood’s Tweet Slams Obama & His IRS Cronies

Obama's playing another 18, Biden's squirting water guns and We The People are having our Constitutional rights ripped to shreds. Actor James Woods unleashed on Obama and his cronies in a couple of tweets this weekend and others joined in. Enjoy...

Rafael Cruz Cites Scripture That Guides Us On Who Should Be Our Elected Leaders

Rafael Cruz is brilliant! He talks about the Old Testament and cites scripture that tells us exactly how to vote. Yes, how to vote! Cruz quotes Jethro who tells Moses how to choose the right leader. There are four "qualifications" says Cruz. He goes on to quote them as...

Ted Cruz Tweets: “Net Neutrality” is Obamacare for the Internet

Senator Ted Cruz is standing for the American people yet again. This time he is bringing attention to Obama's statements regarding increased regulation of...