Eric Holder Whines And Pretends He Didn’t Use Race Card On GOP

video Fox News via Mass Tea Party Conservative David Webb says, the Democratic Party constantly claims the GOP is racist but fails to name one example...

Krauthammer: The Conservatives Were Right

Conservatives were right to end the extended emergency unemployment insurance says Charles Krauthammer.

WATCH: Not Spying Enough – Corker ‘Shocked’ NSA Collects So Little Data

Andrew Napolitano - Fox & Friends  

WATCH: Police Officers Shot in Wake Of DOJ Report – Ferguson

Analysis on Fox & Friends with Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Remy: God Bless The USA (VA Scandal Edition)

Please let us know what you think of this video in the comment section. Most people felt it was funny and then they felt it was sad since it was so true. We want to know what you think about it? Go for it!

Cruz Gets Down To Business On The IRS Targeting Of Americans

(via Sen. Ted Cruz)

Wayne LaPierre Slams National News Media & Government

video NRA During an NRA-ILA event today, Wayne LaPierre says (in defense of our freedom) the 100 million gun owners will never back down.  He...

Texas Steps Up To Handle Horrific Crisis That Obama Encouraged Through Policy

"We Learned that we are dealing with a true humanitarian crisis and it's a human-made crisis," said Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott. He also said that this is unacceptable to have a President promote policies that encourage children to leave their homes from far away lands and then these children have to face horrific things. I agree, this is heartbreaking and an outrage. The administration has given the impression to immigrants that they can come to the US without consequences...and so the children come...

WATCH: Fed Judge Blocks Pres’ Deferred Deportations For Illegal Immigrants

Sheriff Joe Arpaio with Neil Cavuto on Fox News Channel.

Featured Post: Citizens Rise Up! Go Back To Washington! Feds Retreat!

video Citizens Rise Up!  TopRightNews This raw footage is proof that we won't give up our freedom and liberty.  We will come back if needed.