WATCH: FCC To Vote On Internet Regulations Next Week – End Of The Internet...

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WATCH: Coming Soon—> The Department of the Internet

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Sen. Ted Cruz: No Net Tax. Not Now, Not Ever!

Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted: Special interests want to pass the Internet sales tax during lame duck. We must say no! Not now, not ever!

On Point! South Carolina Senator Tim Scott Educates MSNBC Hack Reporter

Another loaded, race-baited lame attack question by an MSNBC loser "reporter." South Carolina Senator Tim Scott sets history straight and educates Thomas Roberts on...

Dr. Gina Loudon: “We Cannot Trust This Government”

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On Its One Year Anniversary ObamaCare Gets An ‘F’

This Wednesday will mark one year since enrollment in ObamaCare began. What began with the disastrous rollout of has ended with the health law’s supporters claiming victory.

Mark Levin: Say It Isn’t So – It’s The Weekend And The Government Is...

It is hard to believe how any of us can actually get through the weekend without the government. But we are warriors and somehow we carry on. In the meantime, how about a movie.

The Treasury Dept. Could Act To Prevent Companies From Leaving U.S.

Obama refers to such companies as 'corporate deserts." Maybe if big government made it more attractive for companies, they would stay in the United...