Patriot Allen West Talks About His “Chance” Meeting With Someone Who Knows What Really...

Former Republican Congressman and Retired Army Lt. Col. Allen B. West writes about his experience of being assigned a seat by happenstance on a plane trip, with someone who was a personal friend of one of the Navy Seals that died in Benghazi.

WATCH: Hillary Acts Clownish, Laughs, Says She Didn’t Have To Turn Anything In!

I don't think that the entire Benghazi Select Committee would agree that you volunteered to turn in e-mails. Does a pesky little thing like the committee playing hardball and talking of having to issue a SUBPOENA RING A BELL, Hillary? Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? And what about that little matter of wiping a server clean? This, Mrs. Clinton, is NOT funny! Four dead Americans is NOT funny! This is very, very serious.

Sen. Ted Cruz With Erin Burnett


Scandals Plague WH And Vet Talks About Poor Healthcare At Phoenix VA

Mass Tea Party - Ed Henry of Fox News asks Carney why President hasn't spoken out more on VA scandal. Obama's second term is in...

Special Report: Benghazi Attack Suspect Captured

Mass Tea Party

Rush: “Benghazi Suspect Will Give White House Version Of Events”

Rush: "Benghazi Suspect Will Give White House Version Of Events". He's going to give the Susan Rice talking points. Isn't it sickening? I bet that Rush is right - you know that he always is...

Senator Ted Cruz Reacts On Bowie Bergdahl Deal And More…

Senator Ted Cruz really gets what Americans are going through. Senator Ted Cruz for President!

Rush: Evidence Of Benghazi Cover-Up Is That Obama Never Sent In A Rescue Team

audio Daily Rushbo - It's about to be blown wide open.  That Obama never sent in a rescue team.  Where was Obama after being notified of...

Fuming Rep. Tom Cotton Slams Dems Over Phony Benghazi Fundraising Outrage

Washington Free Beacon  Rep. Cotton is fuming over Dems fake outrage on Benghazi!  He said "one lesson I learned in the Army is that we...