Gowdy Rips Dems On Their Hypocrisy Of Fundraising

National Review - Chris Wallace asks Representative Gowdy about the NRCC raising funds on Benghazi. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) responds, "I will never, and have...

Rep. Jason Chaffetz Explodes At Benghazi Hearings

video WND - During hearings Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT)  says, "The facts do not point to a video, that only comes from the White House. Were they...

Special Report: Benghazi Attack Suspect Captured

Mass Tea Party

O’Reilly: Is Susan Rice A Moron?

We all know the answer to that one, Billy boy!

Rush: Evidence Of Benghazi Cover-Up Is That Obama Never Sent In A Rescue Team

audio Daily Rushbo - It's about to be blown wide open.  That Obama never sent in a rescue team.  Where was Obama after being notified of...

Sen. Ted Cruz With Erin Burnett


WATCH: Hillary Acts Clownish, Laughs, Says She Didn’t Have To Turn Anything In!

I don't think that the entire Benghazi Select Committee would agree that you volunteered to turn in e-mails. Does a pesky little thing like the committee playing hardball and talking of having to issue a SUBPOENA RING A BELL, Hillary? Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? And what about that little matter of wiping a server clean? This, Mrs. Clinton, is NOT funny! Four dead Americans is NOT funny! This is very, very serious.

O’Reilly Gives Hillary A Pass On Benghazi! James Rosen Brings Him Back To Realville!

Fox News Awesomeness James Rosen Tweets:   My "sensual pleasure" at correcting @oreillyfactor on the questions surrounding @HillaryClinton re #Benghazi  - Bravo James Rosen, bravo!!  

Laura Ingraham On The Press And It’s “Drunk Love Of Obama’

Laura Ingraham Talking Points Memo on Benghazi investigation.