[VIDEO] Remember That Three Minute Video Where Trey Gowdy Shreds Dems? Oh, How Glorious...

Rep. Trey Gowdy so skillfully sliced through the Washington spin on Benghazi that he received death threats. His response was, "it wasn't the first time" - he had been a prosecutor in South Carolina. This man holds a torch for truth and justice.

Gowdy Rips Dems On Their Hypocrisy Of Fundraising

National Review - Chris Wallace asks Representative Gowdy about the NRCC raising funds on Benghazi. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) responds, "I will never, and have...

Allen West: State Dept. Tweets Link To Radical Muslim Cleric…

Allen West hits the nail on the head again. I'd like to know when the State Department will be held accountable for Benghazi?

Laura Ingraham On The Press And It’s “Drunk Love Of Obama’

Laura Ingraham Talking Points Memo on Benghazi investigation.

Rush: “Benghazi Suspect Will Give White House Version Of Events”

Rush: "Benghazi Suspect Will Give White House Version Of Events". He's going to give the Susan Rice talking points. Isn't it sickening? I bet that Rush is right - you know that he always is...

Senator Ted Cruz Reacts On Bowie Bergdahl Deal And More…

Senator Ted Cruz really gets what Americans are going through. Senator Ted Cruz for President!

State Dept To Turn 5,000 More Documents Over To Benghazi CMTE – Benghazi Gate

It's not clear if the documents will have e-mails from Hillary Clinton. It looks like the documents are from her staff.

Patriot Allen West Talks About His “Chance” Meeting With Someone Who Knows What Really...

Former Republican Congressman and Retired Army Lt. Col. Allen B. West writes about his experience of being assigned a seat by happenstance on a plane trip, with someone who was a personal friend of one of the Navy Seals that died in Benghazi.