Mark Levin: Say It Isn’t So – It’s The Weekend And The Government Is...

It is hard to believe how any of us can actually get through the weekend without the government. But we are warriors and somehow we carry on. In the meantime, how about a movie.

Muslims Pressure NYC School To Provide Halal Food

Read about why Muslims need halal food in schools and why is kosher food not an option. -CVP The Jewish Press  Muslims Pressure NYC Schools To...

Senator Ted Cruz: Senate Dems Want To Vote To Repeal Free-Speech Protections Of First...

Senator Ted Cruz wrote an Op-ed on Senate Dems. who want to repeal free-speech protections of the First Amendment. Senator Cruz writes, "Congress could punish bloggers expending any resources to criticize the president..."

Drudge Alert Tweets: ‘NEW MAP OF THE MIDDLE EAST’

Note the Drudge's use of all caps....CVP

What Amy Adams Did May Surprise You

Amy is an American patriot!

O’Reilly: Is Susan Rice A Moron?

We all know the answer to that one, Billy boy!

Best case against Common Core comes from a high school student from Tennessee!

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Sessions Tells Congress: “The Foundation of Our Constitutional Republic Is Threatened”

The first paragraph in this exclusive Breitbart piece is chilling. I fret for our country and for the future of our children. How can this be happening? Our freedom of speech is in peril, and an example of that was reported in the Washington Times when Eric Holder announced he would be investigating a parade float in Nebraska that might be a threat to President Obama because the float was critical of the President, and that it smacked of racism. Now Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is warning Congress that our "Constitutional Republic is under threat."