Reported: White House Said, “Frankly We Don’t Give A S**t Why He Left”

There is so much news coming out on the Bowe Bergdahl deal that I've decided to do a different format for the stories.

American Legion Commander Calls For VA Leadership To Step Down & Says WH Needs...

American Legion Commander Daniel Dellinger calls for the resignation of top Veteran Affairs leadership after the deaths of vets who have died as a result...

Michelle Malkin – fight the fed/ed elites

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Must Watch: “Don’t Ring The Bell”

Enjoy this commencement address given by Admiral William H. McRaven at the University of Texas at Austin. It was truly inspirational and one that I will remember.

Common Core Is Cruel – Forces Kid With Learning Disability To Write Letter To...

Watch this video of a father who talks about a math problem that his second grader was required to solve.  The point is that...

A Heartbreaking Decision for Matt Damon: Sending his Kids to ‘Expensive’ Private School

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Rubio Gets Grilled On His Immigration Reform Flip-Flop By Chris Wallace

Chris Wallace asks direct questions to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) on his immigration reform flip-flop. It's about time. Most conservatives will never forgive Senator Rubio (R-FL) for his immigration reform push last year in which he strayed from conservative principles.

Score: Obama/La Raza: 290,000 Extremists: ? ...

Who knows what type of people are getting across our borders illegally. Let's step away from the horrific humanitarian crisis that Obama has created by encouraging immigrants to come to America, and saying that they would be granted Amnesty. Think about the terrorists who can easily get across our borders as our agents are overwhelmed with caring for illegal immigrant children as they flood the borders.