SHAPIRO: The Enabling Evil Of The Obama Administration

Ben Shapiro is right, you know...

Israeli Security Thwarts Plot of Terrorist Attack On US Embassy In Tel Aviv UPDATED

Breaking:  Al-Qaida Doesn't Like Obama Because He's Black (via Allen West) Israel foils Al-Qaida Plot (with video via Fox News)

Senator Ted Cruz: “Did President Obama Just Launch an Economic Boycott of Israel?”

Senator Ted Cruz SEN. CRUZ RELEASES STATEMENT REGARDING FAA’S FLIGHT SUSPENSIONS TO ISRAEL July 23, 2014 WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today questioned the Obama...

Psaki: ‘Israel Could Have Done More To Prevent Civilian Casualties’

Washington Free Beacon

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White House: A Final Deal With Iran Could Include Uranium Enrichment

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Pro-Israel LA Rally Ends With Gunshot Fired

A pro-Israel LA rally ended with a gunshot fired by a Federal Protective Service Officer at pro-Palestinian protestors. Police first said that the shot was fired out by DHS, but then later said it was by the FPS. Reports say that there was a scuffle during the rally and FPS fired a shot at a truck that had the Pro-Palestinian protestors as they tried to leave. No one was injured by the gunshot and the pro-Palestinian protestors were arrested.

LIST of 56 Dems to Skip Netanyahu Speech

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to deliver one of the most controversial speeches to a joint session of Congress by a foreign leader ever, and Vice President Biden and a number of top Democrats won’t be attending.

IDF: Explosives in homes and mines in streets. Look at what our soldiers are...

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released this video.