Bowie Bergdahl Is Free After Prisoner Swap!

Bowe Bergdahl of Hailey, Idaho, was handed over to U.S. forces Saturday night in a prisoner swap. Here are details of the swap from the Associated Press...

Israeli Defense Force Operation “Brother’s Keeper” is in its Ninth Day to Rescue the...

While Hamas is busy praising the kidnapping of the three Israeli teen age boys on June 12th, the Israeli Defense Forces are leaving no stone unturned to find them and bring them home. Our thoughts and prayers are with the IDF, the boys and their families.

Israel Troops Push Into Gaza – Live Audio Coverage

Fox News  


Pray for Andrew that he regains his freedom to come back to the nation that he has selflessly served. Go to to sign the petition to President Obama.

Malaysia Airlines co-pilot invited blondes into cockpit on earlier flight

Malaysia Airlines Co-pilot Invited Blondes Into Cockpit On Earlier Flight (via The Telegraph)

Israel Prepares For Attack By Missing Plane – Just In Case

Israel Prepares For Possible Attack By Hijacked Malaysian Plane (Breitbart)

Senator Ted Cruz Speaks Up For Three Kidnapped Israeli Teens

An American leader speaks up for Israel's kidnapped teens who have been taken by terrorists. Pray for these boys that they be brought home safely.

There Is A Rise On French Jews Leaving For Israel

Yahoo - There is a noticeable increase of Jews who are leaving France for Israel.  It is quite frightening to see any anti-Semitism, and in...

Michelle Obama And The Great Wall Of China

Michelle Obama is seeing the world on our dime.  Since the press is not allowed to travel with Michelle Obama, we can only guess...

Senator Ted Cruz Interviews This Morning And Talks About Russia, Ukraine And More…

Senator Ted Cruz gives in depth radio interview this morning.  He talks about Putin and the Ukraine.