John Kerry Gets Grilled By ABC’s Stephanopoulous: ‘What’s The Penalty For What Russia...

Kerry Grilled On ABC "Any Indication At All That President Putin Is Taking Heed Of What President Obama Is Saying?" (with video via The Blaze)

Rubio: ‘The Russian Government Lies’

(via The Washington Free Beacon)

CNN Reports: Ukraine Mobilizes Troops – Ukrainian PM Says ‘We Are On The Brink...

CNN Reports:  "Red Alert" Says Interim Prime Minister Of Ukraine  

Hundreds Of Unidentified Armed Men In Uniform Block Ukrainian Military Base – Won’t Allow...

Hundreds Of Unidentified Gunmen Surround Ukrainian Military Base, Block Soldiers From Leaving (with photos via The Blaze)

Canada Pulls Ambassador From Moscow Over Ukraine

Canada Pulls Ambassador From Moscow Over Ukraine (via Associated Press)

Obama Skipped National Security Meeting – So Where Was He?

Happy Hour For Obama

Obama Warns Russia On Ukraine, Then 30 Minutes Later Declares 'Happy Hour' For Democrats (via Truth Revolt)

Obama Skips National Security Meeting On Russia, Ukraine

Obama Skips Security Meeting On Russia Invasion Of Ukraine (PJ Tatler)