Michelle Obama Goes To China On Our Dime

First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters Sasha and Malia arrived in Beijing, China for a tour that will focus on education and cultural...

Breaking: Malaysian Official Says Airline FLT 370 Was Hijacked


Israeli Defense Force Operation “Brother’s Keeper” is in its Ninth Day to Rescue the...

While Hamas is busy praising the kidnapping of the three Israeli teen age boys on June 12th, the Israeli Defense Forces are leaving no stone unturned to find them and bring them home. Our thoughts and prayers are with the IDF, the boys and their families.

Barrage Of At Least 30 Rockets Fired From Gaza Into Southern Israel

Barrage Of At Least 30 Rockets Fired From Gaza Into Southern Israel (via Jerusalem Post)

Code Pink Activist Medea Benjamin Jailed In Egypt

Medea Benjamin Jailed In Egypt, Claims Police Broke Her Arm (via Breitbart)

American Alan Gross Released From Cuba In Exchange For Three Cuban Prisoners

Alan Gross, an American imprisoned in Cuba for five years, has been released, according to the White House. President Obama will give a statement today at Noon (EST).

Senator Ted Cruz Tweets On Israel:

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted today on Israel: "Standing with your close ally against an avowed enemy should not be a hard choice." - It seems like Israel is no longer treated as a respected ally of the United States. The fact that this goes unnoticed by the liberal biased media is astounding. More...

Senator Ted Cruz Speaks Up For Three Kidnapped Israeli Teens

An American leader speaks up for Israel's kidnapped teens who have been taken by terrorists. Pray for these boys that they be brought home safely.


The United States Intelligence community once again claims the chances of Russia invading eastern Ukraine are high because President Vladimir Putin moved more troops to...

Cha-Ching! Jack Lew Announces $1 Billion Ukraine Loan Package

Jack Lew Announces $1 Billion Ukraine Loan Package (via Townhall)