Man Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Drives Through Crowd In France, Injuring 11

This attack took place the day after another another man in France charged at three police officers with a knife shouting 'Allahu Akbar.' The French police shot the crazed man dead. What do you think about this America? I say, scary times are here.

Bombshell Report: New Islamic State ‘Camp’ Discovered At U.S./Mexico Border

Just eight miles from the U.S. border, the Islamic State is operating a “camp” near Ciudad Juarez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, according to a bombshell Judicial Watch report.

Code Pink Activist Medea Benjamin Jailed In Egypt

Medea Benjamin Jailed In Egypt, Claims Police Broke Her Arm (via Breitbart)

Cruz Organizes Meeting To Fight Amnesty

Breitbart - Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) met with 10 GOP House members yesterday for 90 minutes about amnesty!  That is a long time in Washington!  Republicans...

Russian Prime Minister Uses His Official Facebook Page To Warn New Ukraine Leaders That...

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev:  New Ukraine Government Will Not Last  (via Breitbart)

Breaking: Malaysian Official Says Airline FLT 370 Was Hijacked

Hundreds Of Unidentified Armed Men In Uniform Block Ukrainian Military Base – Won’t Allow...

Hundreds Of Unidentified Gunmen Surround Ukrainian Military Base, Block Soldiers From Leaving (with photos via The Blaze)

Cha-Ching! Jack Lew Announces $1 Billion Ukraine Loan Package

Jack Lew Announces $1 Billion Ukraine Loan Package (via Townhall)

Happy Hour For Obama

Obama Warns Russia On Ukraine, Then 30 Minutes Later Declares 'Happy Hour' For Democrats (via Truth Revolt)

Obama Skips National Security Meeting On Russia, Ukraine

Obama Skips Security Meeting On Russia Invasion Of Ukraine (PJ Tatler)