Bowie Bergdahl’s Father Tweeted A Strange Message

I don't understand this tweet from Bowie Bergdahl's father - it's bizarre.

Obama Barks That The U.S. Will Never Recognize The Results!

Crimeans Overwhelmingly Vote For Secession; Obama Tells Putin U.S. Will Never Recognize Results (The Blaze)

Michelle Obama Goes To China On Our Dime

First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters Sasha and Malia arrived in Beijing, China for a tour that will focus on education and cultural...

Senator Ted Cruz Tweets On Israel:

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted today on Israel: "Standing with your close ally against an avowed enemy should not be a hard choice." - It seems like Israel is no longer treated as a respected ally of the United States. The fact that this goes unnoticed by the liberal biased media is astounding. More...


The United States Intelligence community once again claims the chances of Russia invading eastern Ukraine are high because President Vladimir Putin moved more troops to...

Israel’s Operation Protective Edge In Gaza – Live Blog

Hamas breaks the cease fire, Israel defends itself by firing back rockets. Pray for Israel.

Unconfirmed Image Of Missing Plane

Note that this is unconfirmed and the plane is painted white. -CVP

Queen Trying Not To Look Cozy With Sheikh Hamad bin Abdulla Al-Thani

Trying to keep her distance, ech?

Russian State TV Anchor Says That Russia Could Turn America Into “Radioactive Ash”…

State TV Says Russia Could Turn U.S. Into "Radioactive Ash" (yahoo)

Obama Speaks To Angela Merkel About Crimean Crisis

President Obama on Tuesday spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about their response to Russia's annexation of Crimea. White House press secretary Jay Carney said they discussed “the collaboration that the two leaders have...