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International News


WATCH: Hidden Camera Shows Vile Treatment of Jewish Man On Streets of Paris

The video is titled: '10 hours of walking in Paris as a Jew' - As I watched the video, I was shocked! The reporter featured is very brave. It looks like the areas that he walked in were unsafe and perhaps he was in a muslim area, some women were wearing a burka - but that is no excuse! Horrible and scary.

Umm: Where is Kim Jong Un?

The guy hasn’t been seen in public for nearly five weeks, and people are starting to notice...

ISRAELI PM: Defeat ISIS & Keep Nuclear Weapons From Iran

Right Sightings

Algerian Terrorists Behead Kidnapped French Mountain Guide

The African terrorists released a statement Sunday promising to kill the 55-year-old Hervé Gourdel if France did not stop its airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Obama: “We Don’t Have A Strategy Yet”

Mass Tea Party

Israel’s Operation Protective Edge In Gaza – Live Blog

Hamas breaks the cease fire, Israel defends itself by firing back rockets. Pray for Israel.


Pray for Andrew that he regains his freedom to come back to the nation that he has selflessly served. Go to to sign the petition to President Obama.

[VIDEO] Dinish D’Souza Debates Bill Ayers On Kelly File

Bill Ayers needs to by a one way ticket out of America if he hates our great nation so much!

Senator Ted Cruz Speaks Up For Three Kidnapped Israeli Teens

An American leader speaks up for Israel's kidnapped teens who have been taken by terrorists. Pray for these boys that they be brought home safely.

Israeli Defense Force Operation “Brother’s Keeper” is in its Ninth Day to Rescue the...

While Hamas is busy praising the kidnapping of the three Israeli teen age boys on June 12th, the Israeli Defense Forces are leaving no stone unturned to find them and bring them home. Our thoughts and prayers are with the IDF, the boys and their families.