Ebola outbreak: Health team ‘found dead’ in Guinea

I don't understand why they would kill a group of people who were there in Africa to help with the Ebola crisis?

Israeli Defense Force Operation “Brother’s Keeper” is in its Ninth Day to Rescue the...

While Hamas is busy praising the kidnapping of the three Israeli teen age boys on June 12th, the Israeli Defense Forces are leaving no stone unturned to find them and bring them home. Our thoughts and prayers are with the IDF, the boys and their families.

A Breakdown of What’s Happening In Tel Aviv

Rockets are being launched against Israel by militants in the Hamas-ruled Gaza strip. Israel strikes back and says it is ready for anything.

Alleged Transcripts Show Obama Hostile Towards Israel

This is stunning. Can you imagine? According to reports, Obama told Netanyahu that Israel is in "no position to choose mediators." This is becoming unreal.

Obama Skipped National Security Meeting – So Where Was He?

RPT: Obama Executive Action Could Lead To Legal Status For 5 Million Illegals –...

Illegals having meetings with the White House to make demands! Unbelievable!


Obama: Taking Out ISIL 'Will Not Be Easy and Will Not Be Quick' National Review -

WATCH: AP Reporter Questions State Dept on ‘Over the Top’ Condolences to Iran’s President

AP Reporter asks, "are you sending flowers as well?"

Human Rights Group Blasts Hillary Clinton Who Did Nothing To Free American Pastor Saeed...

Human Rights Advocates Blasts Hillary Clinton (via The Washington Free Beacon)