Majority of British Jews Think They Have No Future in Europe

We are one hundred percent pro-Israel here at CVP. I wonder if the organization that conducted the polls broke down the results by if...

Saudi Arabia Warns That Britain and US Must Leave Iraq To Sort Out On...

The Saudis signal that they are against any military intervention by the US, Britain and Iran...

Who’s Supplying Hamas? What Is Hamas?

You'll want to watch this. If Hamas loses power in the Gaza strip is ISIS waiting to make a grab for it? That would be even worse.

Drudge Alert Tweets: ‘NEW MAP OF THE MIDDLE EAST’

Note the Drudge's use of all caps....CVP

Putin Shoots….Woosh!

Rush Limbaugh:  While Putin Is 'Reassembling' the Soviet Union, Obama is filling out his March Madness picks! Listen to On  

Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses ISIS Strategy with Greta Van Susteren

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz: “Did President Obama Just Launch an Economic Boycott of Israel?”

Senator Ted Cruz SEN. CRUZ RELEASES STATEMENT REGARDING FAA’S FLIGHT SUSPENSIONS TO ISRAEL July 23, 2014 WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today questioned the Obama...