Senator Ted Cruz Invites Harry Reid To Visit Border

Senator Ted Cruz: "Harry Reid (D-NV) lives in the Ritz Carlton, I'm sure from his view the border is safe."

UK PM Cameron Condemns Killing of Aid Worker David Haines

UK Prime Minister David Cameron spoke yesterday about the beheading of British aid worker David Haines by the group ISIS. Cameron said, "we will hunt down those who did this and bring them to justice." Prime Minister Cameron then went on to say, "they are not muslims they are monsters," in regards to the group ISIS, who did this horrific act.

Who Were These Iranian Men On The Malaysian Plane That Vanished?

Revealed:  The Two Mystery Iranians Traveling On Stolen Passports (via Mail Online)

Fox News On Hashtag Activism Mentions Wayne Dupree’s Tweet About Marine Jailed In Mexico

Fox News reports on hashtag activism to help Marine jailed in Mexico.

Woman Arrested In Denver For Suspected Support Of ISIS Group

What is happening in America right under our noses...

There’s A “Boy In A Bubble” Living In The White House

"The bubble is extremely thick" and this is "bizarre behavior" say the media and observers of the President's indifference towards the border crisis. Add this to another scandal that the American people will pay for in more ways than we can imagine - could a health crisis be looming for America?

Senator Cruz: “Congress Must Approve of Any Iran Deal”

Senator Cruz wrote: Today, there is no greater threat to U.S. national security than the prospect of a nuclear Iran. Led by theocratic zealots who have pledged to "annihilate Israel" and who regularly lead chants of "Death to America," an Iran with nuclear weapons poses an unacceptably high risk of murdering millions of Americans or millions of our allies.

Report: RPG Fired During Attack Inside Charlie Hebdo Office

The terrorists who attacked Charlie Hebdo staff fired a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) inside the magazine’s office, according to a high-level military source in France associated with the French National Police.

State Dept. Clueless – Says ISIS Doesn’t Represent A War On America

Reporter asks State Dept. Rep. about ISIS saying that they have declared war on America. State Dept. Rep. says "ISIS can say what ever they want," but it is not a war with America.