Former Secretary Of State Condolezza Rice: Will America Heed The Wake-Up Call Of...

Condoleezza Rice:  Will America Heed The Wake-Up Call Of Ukraine? (The Washington Post)

Michele Bachmann: Jewish Groups Sold Out For Obama

  Michele Bachmann:  Jewish Groups Sold Out Israel For Obama (via The Jerusalem Post)

Heartbreaking: Thus Far 40 Bodies Have Been Found From Air Asia Crashed Plane

So sad for the families of Air Asia crash. Our heart felt condolences to the families, and prayers for their comfort. Prayers also for the victims, may they rest in peace.

Rubio: ‘The Russian Government Lies’

(via The Washington Free Beacon)

Several Ebola Drugs are Currently in Development

Right Sightings

[VIDEO] Meriam Ibrahim Lands In Italy And Meets Pope Francis!

What great news! Meriam Ibrahim who was sentenced to death for her refusal to renounce her Christian faith in Sudan, is finally safe in Italy! Praise the Lord!