NSA Legal Battle Over Collecting Data Turns In NSA’s Favor

NSA Mass Collection Of Phone Data Is Legal Federal Judge Rules (via The Guardian)

[VIDEO] Las Vagas Cop Killers Asked To Leave Cliven Bundy Ranch

The man and woman who allegedly killed two Las Vegas police officers and another person before committing suicide on Sunday were apparently strong supporters of Cliven Bundy...

Harvard study shows over 50 Percent Of Young People Would Vote To Recall Obama

READ MORE (via United Liberty)

BREAKING: Secret Service Chief Resigns

I have a feeling that there are a lot more surprises to come from the Secret Service. CVP

Obama: I Smoked Pot When I Was A Kid…

President Says Pot No More Dangerous Than Alcohol (via Truth Revolt)

States Can Seize Assets To Recoup Medicaid Debt

Obamacare death debt?  States Can Seize Assets To Recoup Medicaid Costs (with video via Fox News)

Obama’s Job Approval Falls

Obama Sees Job Approval Fall  (via The Hill)

Carney Says President Wants Everybody To Get Their ‘Fair Shot’

The Washington Examiner At today's press briefing Press Secretary Jay Carney, says that President Obama wants to give everyone a 'fair shot' when it comes...

Brown Funeral Today

Hundreds of people lined up in sweltering heat Monday to say goodbye to Michael Brown, the 18-year-old shot and killed earlier this month in a confrontation with a police officer that fueled almost two weeks of street protests...