HGTV Drops Show Because Stars Are Opposed to Abortion And Gay Marriage

video The Blaze - HGTV has dropped a show that stared twins Jason and David Benham.   HGTV doesn't like the brothers beliefs against abortion and gay...

Dinesh D’Souza’s Book ‘America’ Sales Skyrocket After Costco Ban

Costco's liberal CEO who is also a big Obama supporter, had Dinesh D'Souza's books pulled off the Costco shelves and conservatives went crazy on social media saying that they were finished with Costco because it pulled D'Souza's book from it's shelves. I am one of the people who tweeted and cut up my Costco card yesterday! See the movie, you will learn things about American history that academia has missed.


The mainstream networks are propaganda machines for President Obama. Sadly, the "sheeple" are lazy in getting their news and will blindly follow whatever the big three networks report. Thank goodness for Fox News Channel and conservative new media. The story won't get buried.

Facebook’s 50 New Ways To Express Who You Are

'That's a Beautiful Thing:' CNN's Phillips Over Face'book's 50+ Gender Categories (with video via NewsBusters)

State Dept. Spokesperson Jen Psaki Can’t Name One Hillary Clinton Accomplishment

video CNN I have the answer for you - nothing!

Protestors In Calif. Block Buses Loaded With Illegal Immigrants

Coming soon to a town near you - busloads of illegal immigrants. This particular bus was blocked for an hour by protestors in a town near San Diego, California. The bus eventually turned around and went to another town near San Diego. The landscape is changing as we know it today in America...

Video Montage – Obama: “I Learned About It From The News”

This President and his administration must think Americans are clueless. When is the liberal bias media going start reporting instead of spinning the news?

Is Obama Admin. Shutting Out Fox News?

Is The Obama Administration Freezing Out Fox News On Foreign Policy? (with video via The DC Caller)

Conservatism in Ronald Reagan’s Words


Michelle Malkin Brings MSNBC To It’s Knees

Michelle Malkin Brought MSNBC To It's Knees Over Biracial Slam (via Truth Revolt)