Levin: E-Mails Show AP Reporter Colluding With State Dept. Against Fox News Reporting

Audio The Right Scoop Breaking!  

American Legion: “We Need The White House, The President To Come Forward”

This is a very serious matter and the President isn't doing anything about it. At what point does the liberal biased mainstream media act like real Americans and report on the Obama Administration's tragic failure to the Veterans of America?

Liberal “Reporter” Throws GOP Candidate Out Of Meeting

The Oregonian - A liberal biased Editor-in-Chief Mark Zusman, of Willamette Week newspaper, couldn't care less about showing disrespect for Republican candidate Mark Callahan in OR during a meeting.  I...

Denver Post Exposed Of Conflict Of Interest In “Covering’ Sen. Mark Udall’s Health Exchange...

Michael Booth's #Obamacare Conflict Of Interest At The Denver Post/Colorado Health Foundation (via Red State)

A List Of Political Scandals The Liberal Biased Media Is Hiding From You

In addition to living large at the Ritz Carlton, did you know that Harry Reid paid $31,000 in campaign funds to his granddaughter in "gifts?" I bet you didn't - and that's how the liberal biased media wants to keep it. Here is a list of other things that the liberal media has skipped over. In the meantime...

Hillary Clinton, The Mainstream Media, And 2016

Mass Tea Party - Hillary Clinton is gross! This reports says that Hillary has a "rocky road" with the media.  I don't see it -...

White House Dogs Flaunt Jewelry…

White House Dogs Wear Jewelry As King And Queen Obama Flaunt Regal Power And Extravagance (via Gateway Pundit)

Popular Rapper Jay Z Wears “Hate Bling” At Public Event

video Right Sightings  Well known rapper Jay Z wears a medallion that signifies race hate.  Biased liberal media says, snooze.