RUSH: News Media More Than Willing To Create A Total Lie


Lt. Gov. Candidate E.W. Jackson is confronted with anti-Christian religious bigotry while he focuses...

VIDEO: (transcript via CBS6 WTVR Richmond, Virginia) *E.W. refers reporter to Romans 1 during interview.  Below is the link to Romans 1 via BibleGateway:

CEO Forced Out Due To Conservative Values

BrendAn Eich, CEO of Mozella was forced to resign due to his contributions to a traditional marriage campaign.  The left is always touting tolerance...

Tucker Carlson: “Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen” – Press Corps Ignores Obama’s Pivot...

This video will warm you conservative heart, check it out!

Networks Tout Obama’s “Super Bowl” Interview

Networks Tout Obama For Dodging Tough Questiona And Attacking Fox News (via Media Research Center)