Conservatives Blitz Mozilla With Protest – Feedback Plummets For Company

Truth Revolt and others lead a conservative blitz on Mozilla to protest it's firing of CEO Brandan Eich who was pushed out because of...

Republican Kansas Rep. Tim Huelskamp Schools Rachel Maddow after SOTU

2-4-6-8, Who Do We Appreciate, Huelskamp Tells Maddow ' You're A Cheerleader For Obama' (via The Gateway Pundit)

Washington Post Editors Critical Of Obama’s Foreign Policy – Are Pigs Flying?

WaPo Editors:  Obama's Foreign Policy Based On Fantasy (via Townhall)

Megyn Kelly Slams MSNBC Reporter Who Tweets Sexist Remark About GOP Rep. Cathy McMorris...

Megan Kelly And Guests Go After MSNBC's Alex Wagner's Blatantly 'Sexist Tweet' (via Mediate & Fox News)

Shocking NYC Muslim Day Parade Videos and Pictures Will Leave You Wondering What Country...

You've got to see the images on this piece. How did this one get by the media? I guess that's political correctness for you.