Networks Tout Obama’s “Super Bowl” Interview

Networks Tout Obama For Dodging Tough Questiona And Attacking Fox News (via Media Research Center)

More Screw-Ups From Joe Biden This Week – Will He Get The Dem. Presidential...

Someone should write a book about Joe Biden's gaffes. While some have been very insulting, most of them are so ridiculous that they are funny! Read what Joe Biden said this week to crowds. Hey, wouldn't it be something if Hillary was passed over for Joe Biden? Now that would be funny!

Vacation Time – Again!

Obamas Take Separate Vacations (via Truth Revolt) Hypocrisy Alert:  The Obama 'Royal Family' Continues Spending Spree With Lavish Vacations (via TPNN)


The St. Louis Tea Party steps in to help local businesses of Ferguson by launching a BUYcott and the liberal news media ignores it. Isn't...

More Lies From Hillary On Hobby Lobby

The liberal media is happy to promote Hillary Clinton's lies and agenda. Watch what she says about the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS ruling.

Is Obama Admin. Shutting Out Fox News?

Is The Obama Administration Freezing Out Fox News On Foreign Policy? (with video via The DC Caller)

Geraldo Scolds O’Reilly: Shame On You For ‘Minimizing Obama’, Stripping Him Of ‘His...

Geraldo Scolds O'Reilly:  Shame On You For 'Minimizing Obama', Stripping Him Of 'His Majesty' (via Biz Pac Review)

The Collapse Of CNN

Ratings:  Zucker-Era CNN Collapses To New Lows (via Breitbart)

Reporters Can Hardly Contain Themselves Over Obama’s Remarks About VA

In this montage reporters are stunned by the disconnect that President Obama shows towards the VA scandal. Even a CNN reporter notes that "we...

President Yucks It Up At Expense Of – Americans Destroyed By Obamacare, Malaysian Plane...

AP/ABC News - President Obama and his posse of biased liberal media partied last night at the annual White House Correspondence dinner. Obama is cold-hearted and makes...