More Screw-Ups From Joe Biden This Week – Will He Get The Dem. Presidential...

Someone should write a book about Joe Biden's gaffes. While some have been very insulting, most of them are so ridiculous that they are funny! Read what Joe Biden said this week to crowds. Hey, wouldn't it be something if Hillary was passed over for Joe Biden? Now that would be funny!

MSNBC Apologizes….Again

Real cutting-edge reporting they have going on there...

Rush: Civil War Is Breaking Out At CNN

  (via The Daily Rushbo)


HA! I wouldn't hold my breath!

Mark Levin Dispenses with Brian Williams

Mark Levin took a brief minute out of his broadcast tonight to dispense with Brian Williams.  As usual Mark provided moral clarity,  stating exactly...

AP complains the President doesn’t give media access to take photos. Shuts out...

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Media Indifference Won’t Stop March For Life

Snowstorm, Media Indifference, Won't Stop March For Life (via Breitbart)

The Collapse Of CNN

Ratings:  Zucker-Era CNN Collapses To New Lows (via Breitbart)

Milwaukee Sheriff: de Blasio Must Disavow Association with ‘Vulgar’ Human Being Al Sharpton and...

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke continues to be the leading voice defending police officers, not just in New York, but all around the country. In...