CEO Forced Out Due To Conservative Values

BrendAn Eich, CEO of Mozella was forced to resign due to his contributions to a traditional marriage campaign.  The left is always touting tolerance...

More Screw-Ups From Joe Biden This Week – Will He Get The Dem. Presidential...

Someone should write a book about Joe Biden's gaffes. While some have been very insulting, most of them are so ridiculous that they are funny! Read what Joe Biden said this week to crowds. Hey, wouldn't it be something if Hillary was passed over for Joe Biden? Now that would be funny!


The mainstream networks are propaganda machines for President Obama. Sadly, the "sheeple" are lazy in getting their news and will blindly follow whatever the big three networks report. Thank goodness for Fox News Channel and conservative new media. The story won't get buried.

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(via Daily Rushbo)

Sarah Palin Launches Channel To Take On Liberal Biased Media

Sarah Palin is awesome! I can't wait to watch the main stream media go crazy as conservatives flock to her channel!

Liberal “Reporter” Throws GOP Candidate Out Of Meeting

The Oregonian - A liberal biased Editor-in-Chief Mark Zusman, of Willamette Week newspaper, couldn't care less about showing disrespect for Republican candidate Mark Callahan in OR during a meeting.  I...

Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett Responds To Hostile, Biased Sky News “Reporter”

I don't even know what to say about this, except that the liberal biased media is disgusting.

Typical: Watch Schieffer’s Condescending Attitude When Gingrich Points Out the Obvious

On this morning's Face the Nation, Newt Gingrich suggested Obama and Holder's divisive statements have worsened race relations in our country. As would be...

Palin On Hannity And The Left’s War On Women

Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook page about the left's war on women and the double standard by the far left. Palin was attacked for having her son Trig, who has Downs Syndrome. Yet, when Karl Rove...

WATCH: Media Corruption – More Proof The American Media Is Corrupt

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