Media Photographs Sarah Palin After Workout – She Addresses Them In FB Post

Sarah Palin posted in her Facebook an image of herself after a workout. Apparently the media took photos of her to try and make her look bad after a workout, like she was unattractive. Sarah Palin posts a funny comment to them saying, "no one said workouts were glamorous." Sarah Palin always hits back at the liberal media, but they keep trying. We think she looks awesome after a workout!

A Majority Of Americans Say Obama’s Presidency Is A Failure

The liberal paper rag, The Washington Post (imagine me pompously holding my nose in the air), has just released a new poll, along with ABC, that the majority of Americans consider Barack Obama's Presidency a big fat failure. However, the "paper" later states in the piece, "now we shouldn't read too much in these numbers..." Can you believe that?!


The St. Louis Tea Party steps in to help local businesses of Ferguson by launching a BUYcott and the liberal news media ignores it. Isn't...

RUSH: News Media More Than Willing To Create A Total Lie


A List Of Political Scandals The Liberal Biased Media Is Hiding From You

In addition to living large at the Ritz Carlton, did you know that Harry Reid paid $31,000 in campaign funds to his granddaughter in "gifts?" I bet you didn't - and that's how the liberal biased media wants to keep it. Here is a list of other things that the liberal media has skipped over. In the meantime...

Hack, David Gregory Gets The Boot

BizPac Review David Gregory, moderator of “Meet The Press,” announced Thursday that when he steps down, he will be leaving NBC News. Gregory tweeted the news following...

Tucker Carlson: “Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen” – Press Corps Ignores Obama’s Pivot...

This video will warm you conservative heart, check it out!

Sarah Palin Launches Channel To Take On Liberal Biased Media

Sarah Palin is awesome! I can't wait to watch the main stream media go crazy as conservatives flock to her channel!

MSNBC Apologizes….Again

Real cutting-edge reporting they have going on there...

Obama Stomps Away In A Huff After Reporter Asks…Gasp…A Question!

Watch President Obama as he stomps off in a huff after a reporter asked a foreign policy question at a school science fair.