WATCH: Geller OBLITERATES CNN’s Attack On Muhammad Cartoon Event

Geller slams Camerota. It has gotten so bad that the mainstream media is not demonstrating media bias anymore. They are distributing propaganda for the far left. We are in real trouble, thank goodness for new social media!

Senator Rand Paul Fires Back Against Hack Liberal Media

In a segment with Fox New's Megyn Kelly, Senator Rand Paul responded to critics who said he was 'thin-skinned' and sexist during an interview earlier...

Doonesbury’s Gary Trudeau Gets Award & Then Slams Charlie Hebdo Victims

Today, Doonesbury’s Gary Trudeau became the first cartoonist to ever receive a George Polk Award. During his acceptance speech, he remarked that the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo — the satirical Parisian magazine that was recently the site of a terror attack — “wandered into the realm of hate speech.” He also added that “free speech… becomes its own kind of fanaticism.”

Hysteria Over Cruz Illustrates What We’re Up Against

Slings and Arrows are coming at Ted Cruz from all directions.  Pretty sad and revealing commentary on America 2015 when standing on principle for...

Liberal TV Show “The View” Tweets Unflattering Remarks Of Michelle O’s “Bald Head”

The libs came right up to the edge and tweeted a somewhat unflattering remark about Michelle Obama's hair. Michelle Obama appeared on Jeopardy the other day, and the libs went to town commenting about her hair on twitter. Conservatives complained about big government being inserted into a game show. In this case, it was Michelle Obama pushing her healthy diet program. Of course, if a conservative did anything like what "The View" did it would be national news! More liberal biased media. And not to mention how rude "The View" is.

NY Times Crops George and Laura Bush Out of Front-Page Photo of Selma Anniversary

MRC's Dan Gainor alerted us that Ben Smith of the Daily Signal tweeted out a shocking visual: the New York Times front page on Sunday cropped George W. and Laura Bush out of its photo of a Selma anniversary march. They cropped it just to include President Obama. (Notice the Bushes didn't try to crowd right next to the president to get into the frame.)

Dr. Ben Carson Resolute – Being Gay is a Choice

Watch Dr. Ben Carson stand firm that the definition of marriage should remain one man and one woman. The comments clearly frustrate CNN interviewer...

Eric Bolling’s Pick For “Fool of the Week”

Read this piece by Eric Bolling which features his pick for "fool of the week." It's a light-hearted way to end the week when such horrible news is happening around the world. No surprise that liberal biased MSNBC anchor, Melissa Harris Perry, wins the prize. Click on Eric's name and watch a video of an interview in which Harris ogled over Attorney General, Eric Holder. Foolish is a kind word for her performance!

WATCH: Media Corruption – More Proof The American Media Is Corrupt

O'Reilly Talking Points  

Mark Levin Dispenses with Brian Williams

Mark Levin took a brief minute out of his broadcast tonight to dispense with Brian Williams.  As usual Mark provided moral clarity,  stating exactly...