IRS Targets Conservative Hollywood Group ‘Friends Of Abe’

Guess Who Andrew Cuomo And IRS Are Targeting Now! (via Independent Sentinel)

Want to find out how much twitter owes you?

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David Bowie, Dead at 69 – Looking Back

Rest in peace, David Bowie.

What If America Did Not Exist? Watch Dinish D’Souza’s Movie Trailer

Video:  D'Souza Debuts New Clip - What The World Would Be Like Without America (via Biz Pac Review)


Entertainer Joan Rivers, who is a strong supporter of Israel, is fighting for her life due to a botched medical procedure that she was...

Paltrow Slams Moms – Says They Have It Easy – Moms Slam Paltrow Back

It's almost ridiculous to post this, but it is April Fool's day -  so let's have a chuckle.  People reacted on twitter to Paltrow's...

SNL Parodies Congressman’s Threat To NY-1 Reporter

SNL Parodies Congressman's Threat To NY-1 Reporter; Melissa McCarthy Nails It! (via Biz Pac Review)

America Is Roused By Duck Dynasty

Has A&E Awakened A Sleeping Giant? (via The American Thinker)

Taylor Swift Holds Worldwide Live Stream August 18th

Billboard -  Taylor Swift has teased clues, and now the announcement is finally here: The Grammy-winning superstar will appear in a worldwide live stream with...