Hilarious Skit On Jimmy Fallon Show – Obama And Putin Phone Call

Watch video from The Tonight Show

Duck Dynasty Surprise!

CEO of Duck Commander Willie Robinson and his wife, Korie, helped surprise a family with the return of their husband, son and father on Friday at...

Actor John Voight Speaks Up For “We The People” Says To Stand Up For...

(video via Mass Tea Party) - John Voight continues with his message for America. He addresses Israel and how President Obama has made Israel feel distrust of America. Gov. Mike Huckabee says, "God help us" at the end of the segment. It's scary to think that we have come to the point where prominent figures are crying out to the people to stand up for our freedom. We will stand up and our voices will be heard!

Dinesh D’Souza’s Book ‘America’ Sales Skyrocket After Costco Ban

Costco's liberal CEO who is also a big Obama supporter, had Dinesh D'Souza's books pulled off the Costco shelves and conservatives went crazy on social media saying that they were finished with Costco because it pulled D'Souza's book from it's shelves. I am one of the people who tweeted and cut up my Costco card yesterday! See the movie, you will learn things about American history that academia has missed.

[VIDEO] The ‘Miracle Story’ Of California Chrome’s Blue Collar Owners

CVP was at the race in 1978 when Affirmed won the Triple Crown! We would love to see another winner!

Taylor Swift Holds Worldwide Live Stream August 18th

Billboard -  Taylor Swift has teased clues, and now the announcement is finally here: The Grammy-winning superstar will appear in a worldwide live stream with...

Holy Bat-Birthday! Look Who’s 86!

Happy birthday Adam West, you look bat-some! Ka-Pow!

Actor James Gardner Dies At 86

I remember watching "The Rockford Files" starring James Gardner. May he rest in peace.

America – Imagine A World Without Her

I plan on seeing this movie, I hope you will as well...

Dinish D’Souza’s – America: Imagine The World Without Her Is A Big Hit On...

Go see this movie! You will be glad that you did!