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Jason Aldean Is Top Male Country Artist Of The Digital Age

I love Jason Aldean's music!

Mainstream Media Bias – CNN Host Mocks Palin Family Assault – Fox & Friends

Everyone is laughing at CNN and DUMBO - not the Palin family.

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Hollywood Conservative Group Gets Targeted By IRS

Leaning Right In Hollywood, Under A Lens (via New York Slimes) IRS Targets Hollywood Conservatives (via Townhall) IRS Targets Conservative Group In Hollywood (via Newsmax)

China Military Spending Surges For 2014

China Military Spending Surges For 2014 (via Breitbart)

Journalism Is An Incestuous Pool…

(via Daily Rushbo)

China Spot’s Debris In Ocean – Could Be From Missing Malaysian Airlines FLT

China has new satellite images of floating objects that could be related to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said...

Media Bias: The Mainstream Media Has Hit An All Time Low

The Nuclear Option:  The Racist Media Gangs Up On Romney's Grandson (via Breitbart) Everything Is Right With This Picture - It's What's Wrong With MSNBC (via Legal...

Report: Valerie Jarrett led secret negotiations with Iran all year – Administration denies

READ MORE (via The Blaze) READ MORE (via Breitbart) READ MORE (via The Times of Israel)