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Featured Blogger I Media

[VIDEO] The ‘Miracle Story’ Of California Chrome’s Blue Collar Owners

CVP was at the race in 1978 when Affirmed won the Triple Crown! We would love to see another winner!

It’s Going To Be A Great Day!

Breitbart  Pictures say a thousand words!

Powerful Video Shows Terrible Consequences of Abortion on Demand in Ireland

READ MORE: (with video via LifeNews.com)

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark Steps Up And Tells Eric Holder To Apologize To...

As you may recall pro- second amendment, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark just won re-election in his county. Sheriff Clark won re-election despite Mayor Bloomberg's attempt to get him out of office. Sheriff Clark is for the people and is a patriot.

State Of The Union Preview: Ignored; Obama Tries To Rule By Fiat

State Of The Union Preview:  Ignored, Obama Tries Rule By Fiat (via Breitbart)

Duck Dynasty Has New Line Of Guns!

Duck Dynasty Launches It's Own Line Of Duck Commander Guns (video CNN via The Right Scoop)

Limbaugh: ‘Obama To Be President Even When Term Ends’

Limbaugh: 'Obama To Be President Even When His Term Ends' (via Tea Party Org and audio via Daily Rushbo.com)

Bill O’Reilly Interview Ben Stein On The Rich Getting Richer “Theory” And On Moody’s...

https://twitter.com/DailyRushbo/status/427168741021868032 (with video via The Daily Rushbo)

Obama Fundamentally Transforms Jobs In America

Townhall America has become a place where 50 year old adults move back into their parents homes and a temporarily part-time job is the new...

MSM on Who’s to Blame for the Shutdown: GOP 21, DEMs 0

VIDEO: (via RightSightings)