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I think the headline says it all. That's what Obama has planned, isn't it? The fundamental transformation of America. President Obama and his radical administration are killing this country - now maybe literally. Obama's recklessness and incompetence will now impact the world in a more visible way...

Who Said Hillary Is Fat And Old?

Breitbart - Woah - Breitbart is calling it like it is!  This piece notes that libs don't hold back on Chris Christie or John McCain's...

Sheila Jackson Lee: ‘We’ll Give The President A Number Of Executive Orders Ready...

Sheila Jackson Lee: 'We'll Give President Obama A Number Of Executive Orders To Sign' (with video via Biz Pac Review)

IRS head Lois Lerner who was on paid leave, is resigning her job at...

READ MORE (via Breitbart)

A Government of Secrecy and Fear

READ MORE (via reason.com)

Willie Will Attend SOTU With LA Rep.

Ducky Dynasty's Willie To Attend State Of The Union Address (via Truth Revolt)

WATCH: Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses Protecting Americans from Ebola with Sean Hannity

Senator Ted Cruz says that if Obama doesn't act, that Congress needs to act to protect the American people. Senator Cruz also points out that this isn't a partisan issue and how we are at risk because our borders are not secure. We agree, our elected leaders need to protect Americans, and Obama just appointed a partisan LAWYER to head up the Ebola crisis today!

Senator Rand Paul Leads Class Action Suit Against Obama Over NSA Spying

Rand Paul to Lead Class-Action Lawsuit Against Obama over NSA spying (via Breitbart)

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