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Featured Blogger I Media

First there was Mishka says “I Love You,” and now Blaze says ‘No’

Husky Says 'No' (video via Fox29 Philly) Mishka Says 'I Love You' (video via Cesar's Way)

President Yucks It Up At Expense Of – Americans Destroyed By Obamacare, Malaysian Plane...

AP/ABC News - President Obama and his posse of biased liberal media partied last night at the annual White House Correspondence dinner. Obama is cold-hearted and makes...

Colorado Flood!

Live Radar Map of Colorado (via 9News Denver)

What Was The FCC Newsroom ‘Survey’ Really About?

What Was The FCC Newsroom 'Survey' Really About? (via The Washington Examiner)

AMAZING!!! N.Y. Knick Carmelo Anthony Scores 62 points – Watch Every Basket!!!

Last night at Madison Square Garden Carmelo Anthony broke the Knick's record for most points in a single game and became only the 21st...

The Walls are Closing in on Landrieu

Since incumbent Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu was unable to garner 50% of the vote in last Tuesday's election, she is now forced into a...

Our Time is Now! God Bless America!

Food Stamps For Pot In Colorado!

Food Stamps For Pot! Colorado Dems. Fight To Keep Food Stamp Cash In Pot Stores (via Biz Pac Review)