Sen. Ted Cruz Talks Foreign Policy Today

Ted Cruz Stakes Out Bold Foreign Policy Vision To Rand Paul's Right (via Breitbart)

Boehner Slams “Groups” On The Right For Not Supporting Budget Agreement

Boehner Responds To Critics On The Right (via Town Hall)

More GOP Primaries To Watch Tonight

Well, as we know by now, our Tea Party candidate who fought a good fight, Matt Bevin lost in the Kentucky GOP primary for the senate. The Republican party better be nice to us conservatives, because I don't see a lot of conservatives saying that they are going to the polls to vote for a candidate just because there is an "R" behind the candidates name.

Tea Party Favoriate Ben Sasse Wins Nebraska Primary For Republican Nomination For U.S. Senate

Real Clear Politics - On Tuesday night Sasse celebrated with supporters and said: "We were never doing this because we need another job, we were only going...

Ted Cruz urges House to “Stand Strong” at Values Voter Summit 2013

READ MORE (via Boston Globe)

Levin Tells The Tea Party To Fight Obama’s Tyranny

Levin Tells The Tea Party To Fight Obama's Tyranny 'Firewall Of The Constitution Has Been Breached' (with video via Breitbart)

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Ted Cruz Hits Obama On Accountability

(video via Senator Ted Cruz) Ted Cruz:  Hold The IRS Accountable (via The Foundry)

Allen West Has A Message For Chuck Schumer And Progressives

  A Message For Schumer And His Progressive Pals (via Allen West)

National Republican Senatorial Committee’s War On Mark Levin

NRSC's War On Mark Levin (via The American Spectator) Levin Tweeted: Did Heritage Make The Constitution A Bestseller? (via Jen Kuznucki Conservative Writer)