Breitbart News: Getting Stronger Every Day

Breitbart News:  Getting Stronger Every Day (via Breitbart)

CNN Panel Attempts to Marginalize Senator Ted Cruz After he Forces Republicans to Vote...

Panel: Cruz creating headaches for McConnell, GOP (with video, via CNN political ticker...)

Update: Did He Know – Or Not?

NYT:  Ex-Appointee Says Christie Knew Of Lane Closures - UPDATE: Or Not? (via Townhall) Twitchy  Tweets:  Busted! NYT Sneakily Changes Lede On 'Christie Knew' Article Without...

Pat Caddell: “No Doubt About It The GOP Establishment Wants The IRS...

Pat Caddell:  "The GOP Establishment Wants The IRS To Go After The Tea Party" (with video via The Right Scoop)

New E-Mails Show Lois Learner’s Hatred Of Conservatives

This is a "smoking gun" as far as I'm concerned.

Dave Brat Wins! Listen To His Phone Interview With Hannity

Listen to Dave Brat interview with Sean Hannity on the night of his big upset beating House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA).

Sarah Palin Backs Three Candidates For Senate

Sarah Palin Announces Endorsements Of Three Candidates For Senate (via The Right Scoop)