Sen. Mike Lee Is Giving Townhalls On-line Here’s The Info.

What Does The New Budget Proposal Mean To The Tea Party?

“The sequester is the only place where conservatives have gotten a victory,” Americans for Prosperity spokeswoman Nicole Kaebing told The Daily Caller. “It’s the...

David Perdue First In GA

In a Georgia senate primary run, the Tea Party backed candidate Secretary of State, Karen Handel, lost to Jack Kingston who was backed by the Chamber of Commerce. The group spent $960,000 in ads backing Kingston. Handel was backed by conservative power houses Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, former Governor Sarah Palin and former Senator Rick Santorum. Now the race will be against David Perdue and Jack Kingston in a primary. This is one of those primaries that is a little more complex. Read the full article for a detailed analysis.

Sarah Palin On The Tonight Show

Sarah Palin rocks the Tonight Show - check it out! Tonight Show    

Ted Cruz Response After SOTU

Ernst Wins Iowa GOP Senate Nomination

Breitbart - Joni Ernst parlayed her unusual support from establishment Republicans and conservatives to win Iowa's GOP Senate nomination outright on Tuesday, surpassing the 35% threshold...

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South Carolina Republican Governor Nikki Haley to formally announce run for second term on...

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Cantor’s Challenger From The Right

Eric Cantor's Challenger From The Right (via National Review On-line)