New AFP Ad To Attack Senator Landrieu On Her Support Of Obamacare

Fox News A new multi-million dollar ad campaign is about to be launched  by Americans For Prosperity.  The ad slams Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) for her...

Senator Ted Cruz Gains Momentum

Brings crowd to their feet with standing O's!

Dana Loesch Brings Conservative Principles To ‘The View’

(via The Right Sightings) (via Townhall)

WaPo Does Hit Job On Koch Brothers

WaPo Hit Job On Koch Brothers Relies On Soros-Funded Facts (Via Media Research Center)

Cruz gets Standing-O from The Federalist Society

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Mike Lee in Iowa: “In order to chart our course forward, join me on...

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Sarah Palin: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul Top My 2016 List

Sarah Palin:  Ted Cruz, Rand Paul Top My 2016 List (via Breitbart)

Cruz Talks With Beck On IRS

Obama Stutters, Looks Desperate As He Slams GOP – E-Mails Show Learner’s Disdain Of...

Obama is looking desperate and Learner is looking like toast!