Conservative Principles Fall – Boehner Reelected Speaker Of 114th Congress

Here are a few links regarding what went on during the push by real conservatives to fire Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH). Personally, I am disgusted with the GOP, especially those that are newly elected to the House and had promised that they would stand with 'we the people.' My own Representative, Mike Coffman (R-CO) voted for John Boehner. I volunteered extensively for his re-election, going forward I will not lift a finger for him again.

Congressman Jim Bridenstine: I Will Not Vote for John Boehner

Leave it to a former member of our military to step up and defend our freedoms. In a release today, Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine announced...


What an amazing year it has been here at CVP! 2014 is the year that we launched our site! We had many highlights and were busy working hard during the mid-term elections to try and get our voices heard! Conservatives certainly did send a message to Washington!

Jeb Bush Vs. Ted Cruz

As we close out 2014 and look ahead toward the 2016 presidential election, it appears pretty clear that the elitist Republican establishment has already anointed...

The Tea Party Is Not Going Anywhere

While the Republican Establishment and mainstream media are hell-bent on demonizing and marginalizing the Tea Party, or put another way, We The People, they...

Michele Bachmann on her most Consequential Vote: It Was All About Amnesty

After eight years of serving in the U.S. House of Representatives Michele Bachman cast her final vote calling it the most consequential of her...

Who Will Jump In First?

Uhm, this piece barely mentions Senator Ted Cruz, and doesn't even mention Dr. Ben Carson. Also, acclaimed filmmaker, Dennis Michael Lynch has already announced his run for President. The Hill is clearly out of touch with the conservative grassroots movement, or doesn't care to mention it. Could it be fear?

GOP Poised to Grab at Least 246 Seats in House

Republicans are poised to grab at least 246 seats in the House, and that would match the post-World War II high from the Truman administration...


In this new powerful video Senator Ted Cruz states that "we will not allocate taxpayer dollars to lawless and illegal amnesty." Senator Ted Cruz projects a glimpse of the anger that the American people have about the funding of amnesty, which is unfair to all of the immigrants who came here legally. Proof of that is in the recent mid-term elections which show how Americans feel about the current path that our country is on. Congress needs to do the job that we elected them to do.